Saturday, April 21, 2018

A reminder about the new blog!

Just a reminder that I'm not updating posts or responding to this blog any more. You can find most of the posts from here over on the new blog and we should have the rest over there shortly.

I'm also not updating any of the lists of links for things like surfactants or preservatives and so on any more as I'm updating them over there.

I've paid for a lovely new commenting system - Disqus - to make it easier to talk to me and each other, which is just lovely.

Some of the posts are members’ only - which used to be Patreon only before they failed us miserably and we decided to leave - and some are free. Considering it’s only $1 to access all the posts now, check out this post on how to subscribe.

I have a new blog where you can find everything here and more. Why don't you join us?!

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