Tuesday, January 2, 2018

More about the new site: How it works, what's new, and a digest of the posts for January 1st and 2nd.

As I mentioned in this post, we have a new website and blog

I don't plan to abandon this blog, but I will be doing all my writing over there from now on, so I'll post the links to the new stuff here for those of you who have this bookmarked or receive email notifications.

I have a new commenting system, Disqus, that we hope will encourage more discussion. I'm already really excited about how engaged people are over there, and I hope you'll join us!

And we have a new way to buy e-books, which is great! This is an automated system, so it's sent to you right away and you can download it again if you lose it, forget to save it, or delete it. Woo!

I'll be categorizing the posts in the subject line, but this is what you'll see so far...

Patreon means this is a Patreon exclusive post, and you have to be a Patreon subscriber to access it.

Patreon Q&A means this is a question someone posed and I'm answering it. You have to be a Patreon subscriber to access it.

If it doesn't say Patreon on it after January 1st, it means it's open to everyone. 

Administrative stuff means stuff about the blog, like how things work or will work.

Discussion is an open thread where I hope to see your comments, thoughts, or questions, although you're welcome to share on any post over there.


January 1st
Patreon Q&A: Can I add honey to a lip balm?

January 2nd
Patreon: 7% off at Lotioncrafter this month! ($10 subscribers)

Discussion: What are your hopes and goals for 2018?

Patreon Q&A: Can I add things to a hyaluronic acid gel?

Adminstrative stuff: How do payments on Patreon work?

These are a few of my favourite things - part two: Surfactants

Hope to see you over there!

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