Monday, January 22, 2018

Digest of links on the new blog! January 20th to 22nd

I'm finally feeling better and posting like silly over on the new blog! I'm so happy to share one of my new favourite ingredients, Varisoft EQ 65, and I fell down a rabbit hole researching the answers to a few questions!

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January 20th, 2018
A few points of interest about all this new blog and site stuff…

Patreon Q&A: Which surfactants aren’t coconut oil derived?

Patreon Q&A: Varisoft EQ 65 - all kinds of questions (part one)

Patreon Q&A: Varisoft EQ 65 - all kinds of questions (part two)

January 21st, 2018
Patreon Q&A: Making conditioners with Varisoft EQ 65 – the formula

Welcome beginners! Check out the "Start Here" section of the site under "resources"

Patreon Q&A: Should we preserve unpreserved ingredients? How do we know if they are unpreserved?

January 22nd, 2018
Patreon duplication: Youth to the People Kale + Green Tea Spinach Vitamins Age Prevention Cleanser (part one)

How can we add a positively charged ingredient like Honeyquat to a negatively charged product, like a shampoo?

Patreon Q&A: What’s the best version of EDTA to use in gels?

There's so much more to come this week, like parts two and three of the duplication, so continue to visit us over on the new blog to see what we're doing!

And while you're there, join in the conversation. We have an awesome new Disqus commenting system, and the joint is jumping with all kinds of discussions!

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