Thursday, November 16, 2017

Present ideas for crafters - mixers!

Yesterday, we made some suggestions for gifts you could give to your favourite crafter. I can't believe I forgot all about mixers! Click here for another post on ideas for presents! 

When it comes to hand mixers, I like to have one that has loads of attachments. When I'm teaching at Voyageur Soap & Candle, we use Black & Decker hand mixers that have whisk or beater attachments. These things are so fast, we only use one beater at a time!

I've also been using this inexpensive Hamilton Beach mixer that came with four beaters and a whisk. It's a very powerful one.

I have a Kitchenaid Architect 9 speed mixer that has a blending rod, which is awesome as a propeller mixer, as well as whisks and beaters. (See it here at Best Buy in Canada.) I love this one so much. It's much slower to start than the Black & Decker, but it's powerful as heck. It's ideal for things like making an oily gel with Sucragel AOF, which requires a propeller mixer, ane one of the gels I've been using lately...can't remember which one!

Oh, and we also have a Kitchenaid stand mixer, which is great for larger batches and things like emulsified scrubs or whipped butters that need to be mixed for a while.

It's helpful to have both a hand mixer type thingie and an immersion blender. Stick blenders are high shear mixers, and some emulsifiers like Olivem 1000Simulgreen 18-2, and Varisoft EQ 65 require high shear to come together. You'll also want high shear for gelling agents like Siligel or to incorporate lovely things like Penstia powder.

I hate hate hate immersion blenders as they're so hard to clean, but they're a necessary evil. Is there something I can use that'll make clean up that much easier? Thank goodness, yes! I'm in love with this MiniPro Mixer from Lotioncrafter*.

It's way more powerful than the little mixers or drink foamers I've purchased in the past, and it's super easy to clean up by whirring it in a container of soapy water.

As a note, I know some of you will write to me saying that it's easy to clean immersion blenders. It's not. My husband usually cleans them for me as I have such a hard time with them, and he notes that last time, it took three Q-tips to get it clean! 

This MicroMini™ Mixer from Lotioncrafter* is super powerful, but so small you can get it into a bottle to mix all those annoying powdered extracts and other things.

I tried to get an action shot of this mixer, but it's hard for me to take pictures and mix and not spill all over my workbench!

I love this little "Deluxe Cordless Mini Mixer" from Candora Soap* (Ontario) as it comes with a few little attachments, which come in super handy when you have to change from an immersion attachnent to a whisk attachment quickly.

Which one do you use the most? Which one do you prefer? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Please note, none of these are affiliate links, and I receive nothing if you click through or purchase anything about which I write on this page or this blog. I am sharing this information as these are things I love! 


Janet McNaughton said...

Those are lovely ideas, Susan. I bought a Sunbeam 6-speed Mixmaster at Canadian Tire for $25 and I have to say I love it. It's very basic, two beaters but they both fit into the 5-inch stainless bowl I use for small batches. The high speed is very fast and the motor is more powerful than my older kitchen equivalent, which my husband refuses to part with. This newer model also rests upright on the back end of the motor, so you can put it down with the beaters attached. It's a nice, low-cost tool.

Kelli Spears said...

I use both an immersion stick blender and a hand mixer. I bought both of mine on Kohls website. I had always purchased the Cuisinart stick blender in the past and I know what you mean about them being hard to clean. I just recently purchased a new brand. I loved it so much when I got it that I went on the website and got another one for kitchen use. The brand is called Sencor. They have a bunch of different colors to choose from, super easy connect/disconnect, a dial on top for speed control, 350 watts of power and the button you push to operate doesn't practically dislocate your finger from trying to hold it in. Oh and the button lights up when it's plugged in. The best, best part though is that the entire bell end is stainless and it's bigger, so it's easy to clean. My mom loved it so much I got her one. Hope they always have this new brand. It's a winner! My hand mixer is a Dualit and it's pretty powerful also. It sits upright nicely and the bottom twists to store the cord inside.
Hope that helps anyone looking for a good brand.

M M said...

This link made me buy Kai Blendia and his unique blender part that is so similar to a professional tool. Very small and powerful. No air bubbles in the cream and able to emulsify half a kilo of cold emulsion.

Tara Leigh said...

I *love* the mini mixer too. I find it comes in handy making small batches in my beakers. I love it :)

Tara Leigh said...

I *love* the mini mixer too. I find it comes in handy making small batches in my beakers. I love it :)

Elizabeth said...

I have a Black and Decker hand mixer that I got at the thrift store and I think it has more power than my cordless drill. With that said I cannot get emulsions to work using a mixer. I don't know if it's something I'm doing wrong but everything I've tried separates unless I use the stick blender, which is a hassle thanks to the aforementioned clean up pain in the rear.

Sarah Diamond said...

I love my mini mixer, but it sure is 'mini.' Have just ordered the Kitchenaid on your recommendation, that propeller blade looks great.

Ally H. said...

I use a small paint mixer for my tiny batches--it packs a little bit more power than the mini mixer (which I also have!) and what's cool is that the attachments for my mini mixer also work with it! I found the paint mixer on Amazon for $10.99 if anyone is interested:


Preetiz Angulo said...

I bought a milk frother at the dollar store and it works soooo well! At least for toners and other watery stuff. :D

Ylinh Nguyen said...

I love this! Thanks Susan! Now I can show my family this post and hope I get some of the items!!

Marcieg53 said...

Thanks for all the comments regarding Mini mixers. I found the BonJour Milk Frother I purchased from Lotioncrafter to be quite difficult. I have osteoarthritis which was especially noticeable when I used this little guy. I couldn't press and mix at the same time. I have the Hamilton Beach stick blender which has press and hold buttons with two speeds. I haven't had problems with it but it's too bulky for mixing small projects. I'm happy I found this article and will check out some suggestions from others. Thanks, so much. On a side note, my daughter took the Frother home with her, and uses it for her Latte's.

Julie Adair said...

I am dying laughing at the "took 3 q-tips to get the stick blender clean" comment!! I just got my new mixer in the mail today (the silver one from LC) and can't wait to use it this weekend, I'm also ordering Siligel to play with so it will come in handy!