Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Experiments in the workshop: "Magnesium oil" gel with Siligel

A few weeks ago, we met this new gelling ingredient, Siligel  I've made a gel with it and magnesium chloride, often called "magnesium oil" as it can handle up to 20% salts.

As I can't type, please see my handwritten notes below. Anything underlined in red is an ingredient you can find out more about on this blog.

If you're looking for Siligel in North America, I was very kindly given this ingredient by Lotioncrafter* so I could play with it! 


Olympia Tsimplostefanaki said...

Hi there Susan!
I too make a magnesium lotion with 20% magnesium oil, which is actually 50% water 50% magnesium flakes.
It is really unstable but by icreasing my emulsifier, my butter content and adding 0.5% xanthan and cetyl alkohol I managed to make a very pleasant cream that has been behaving perfectly for a couple of months now!
I too have siligel and is a really good coemulsifier to stabilize on the edge emulsions, like my eye cream, without changing the feel so much, just makes it a bit thicker. I just added 1% siligel and skipped the 0.5% xanthan I used. This cream tended to liquify after a month, now is perfect.
I also used it on a very high Ph cream (around 8) and it is behaving perfectly!

Éva C said...

Dear Susan!

I read your page from Hungary with a compiler.
I've been drunk beforehand to recover your hand as soon as possible because you miss out on the many useful information that you kindly share with us.
I wish you a healing sooner. With love: Ceva

Stellarblew said...

I didn't make the magnesium oil gel but I have been playing around with siligel. So far not really impressed with it. I don't think it has a silicone like feel at all. I am not even sure I like the feel of it and the smell is awful. I'm going to give Ecogel a try and see if I like it better.