Friday, September 8, 2017

Weekend Wonderings: What kind of colourants would we use for shampoo or conditioner or liquid soap?

In this post, Can I use BTMS-25 in a solid conditioner?, Baby Kat asks: Very interesting point. So far, I have always used btms 50 and it works well for me. I wanted to ask, what kind of colorants would you recommend to add to shampoo/conditioner/liquid soap? I find it more appealing when the color of the product goes along with the scent. (I.e. yellow for lemon, etc). I have tried micas but I don't find them ideal. Thanks!

If you have something that contains water, like a lotion, body wash, soap, and so on, you can use water soluble colourants from our suppliers, like LabColours.

I use LabColours (link to Voyageur Soap & Candle) and this version works for alkaline and acidic products. (I'm also having a love affair with these neon colourants. Look at this soap!)

I know Brambleberry has different LabColours for different pH levels, so check to make sure you're getting the ones you want. 

Check the pH on the product in which you're using your colours first. If you're creating a lotion, it should be in the acidic range of pH 6.9 or lower, so no worries.

For surfactant based products, like bubble baths or body washes, you should be in the acidic range, too. Although, if you're using something like decyl glucoside or some of the newer surfactants, you may be in the alkaline or over pH 8 range, so make sure you test it first (and bring the pH down, as per this post).

If you're making liquid soap, you're definitely in the over pH 8 or alkaline range, so you'll need to use something that works with alkaline products.

Lovely readers, what colourants do you use in your products? Share your thoughts and your links in the comments!

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Natural BathandBeauty said...

Hi Susan,
Personally, I like to use natural colorants (infused in oil), e.g., annatto makes a beautiful yellow, hibiscus a beautiful pink, etc. However, these natural colors are not on the FDA list of approved colors, so that creates a dilemma for those of us that like to use them in products we sell!