Friday, August 4, 2017

It's too hot to craft: Introduction

I hate summer. I hate the heat, I hate the sun and the way sunscreen makes me break out, I hate the mosquitoes and having to smell like Off, I hate the humidity that makes my hair frizz uncontrollably, I hate sweating all day, and I hate that I complain so much about hating summer. We're in the middle of a heat wave and I can't go into my workshop to play with all my lovely ingredients as I get a heat headache after more than it's too hot to be in there for more than minutes, so I hate summer more than normal right now, which is quite a lot as I already hate it with the power of a thousand burning suns.

What can I do when I need things like conditioner, lotion, cooling spray, body wash, and more?

How about making cold process products, ones you don't need to heat up at all?

Is that possible?

Yes! But you definitely have to follow some guidelines.

Good manufacturing processes: We need to be as sanitary as possible, so we start by pulling our hair back and wearing gloves. Sanitize your space and equipment, like jars, jugs, and utensils, with an alcohol spray before creation.

Also see Basic lotion making instructions...

As a note, you don't need to sanitize your bottles and jars if they came new from your supplier and you've stored them in bags or a clean space. And please don't re-use plastic bottles or jars, especially those that used to contain something that had oil in it as it can cause contamination or rancidity of your oils pretty quickly. I found this out the hard way...

Distilled or reverse osmosis water: We can't use tap water, boiled or unboiled, as they contain all manner of things and metals and we need to be as sanitary as possible. Distilled water is plentiful and inexpensive at pharmacies and grocery stores. I pay less than $2 for 4 litres (around a gallon).

Use a good, broad spectrum preservative at the suggested usage level: If you're making something that contains water or might be exposed to water, you must use a preservative. There are loads of choices - check out my preservative comparison chart here - but you'll have to choose the one that's appropriate for your product. For instance, Liquipar Optima requires oil to work, so it won't work in a water only toner. Tinosan doesn't work in cationic or positively charged products, so you can't use it in a conditioner or with things like polyquaternium 7 or honeyquat.

I like using Liquid Germall Plus at 0.5%, the maximum suggested usage rate as it works with just about everything I make. That's what I'll be using in this series of posts.

As we work with various cold process products, I'll be sharing more about things to consider for each one. Let's start on Monday with a cold process hair conditioner!


Sven Abrahamse said...

hi did you do a cold process shampoo yet? if so which conditioning agent do you use? I use poly quat 10 so have to heat the water sadly

Doris Bitler said...

Hi Sven - I found an earlier post on shampoo at Eye opening! I love not having to heat the ingredients, especially at this time of year. I can't wait for the post on conditioner, since there's a lot of summer left where I am!

Karen Spooner-Bunn said...

Wow! and I thought I was the only "summer-hater" around! I hate the heat with a passion - the humidity adds the misery I experience as I often have to cover my soaps to keep them from almost melting even while under the shade of a tent.

thank you so much for sharing this post!

Cynnara said...

Cold process is going to be a thing with me. I can tell already. I love it! Cannot wait to see how to incorporate it for shampoo, conditioner and more!

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Sven! You can find all kinds of cold process shampoo formulas on the blog, including a bunch in the hair care section.

Thanks, Doris! It's so nice not to heat up the workshop!

Hi Karen! I hate hate hate summer so much. I've barely made it into the workshop in the last six weeks. It's supposed to cool down and rain tomorrow. Woo!

Hi Cynnara! Have you tried any of the conditioners yet?