Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Argh! Technology, which I both love and hate! (And isn't resin casting awesome?)

I've just realized my ISP has altered my e-mail settings for my phone and tablet to be IMAP, meaning if I delete something from one thing, it deletes the e-mail from all the things. I usually look at my mail on my phone or tablet, then delete those I won't be able to answer until I'm at my laptop because they require a longer answer or a bunch of links or they've inspired me to write a post or two. ARGH! That's what I get for being tidy: I've accidentally deleted most of the mail I've been getting for - I think - the last two months or so. (I discovered this looking for a coupon we wanted to use for Staples that I deleted from my phone a few minutes earlier. Nope, wasn't in the trash bin either.)

I don't delete e-mail on my laptop. I'm not kidding. I have everything going back to 2002, when I switched from Shaw to Telus! I even back it up to ensure I'll always have it. It seems very hoarder-y, I'm sure, but believe me when I say it comes in handy. Remember the woman who plagiarized my work? I have all the records of her donations for the e-books she later sold for $1,000 as part of her professional course from a few years ago. 

If you've written to me during this time and haven't received a reply, you may have been part of the mass accidental deletion, and I encourage you to re-send your message to me. 

As an aside, check out the cute little gummy bears and my Tetris cubes I created using Amazing Casting resin* (the white that sets up in 10 minutes) and silicone molds or ice cube trays. We're making these in group this week, and some of these will become a bracelet and possibly a set of earrings, and some of these will be attached to a picture frame using this cool icing type clay used in a process called decoden*.

I'm not completely sure what I'm doing with the Tetris pieces yet, but I'm thinking of putting magnets or thumb tacks on the back so I can use them on the fridge or bulletin board while singing the theme tune that has been stuck in my head for days!

I'll post my finished products for those of you who might be interested in making these kinds of crafts.

I used micas from Windy Point Soap (Alberta)* - magic red, magic violet, and jade green - to colour the bears. The white bears and pieces are actually glow-in-the dark using Night Glow Powder from TKB Trading (USA)*. (Awesome, right? I made nail polish with it, too!)

As always, I receive nothing if you visit the sites to which I've linked or buy anything from those companies. I'm just really excited about this process of decoden and about resin casting, and wanted to share with you! 

Also, you're supporting these youth programs and these projects by buying e-books from this blog and other retailers at which you might find them, so I thought you'd like to see a bit of what we make! 

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