Sunday, February 12, 2017

Weekend Wonderings: How can you incorporate a preservative into a shampoo bar?

In this post, Liquid Germall Plus, Irina asks: Could you be so kind to show us the process itself, how do you incorporate a preservative in to solid conditioners and shampoo bars, please? Preservatives are heat sensitive, but bars are getting had, not pourable way before 40 C, how do you manage to put the preservative in the bars and make sure it mixed well? Also which one do you use for the bars? Please explain.

Not all preservatives are heat sensitive. For instance, Phenonip or Germaben II, the preservatives I use in my shampoo and conditioner bars, are fine at up to 70˚C, so you can use either. So many preservatives are not heat sensitive - Cosmocil CQ is fine at up to 80˚C, as are the Liquipar preservatives, like Liquipar Oil or Liquipar Optima. (Rather than me listing every possible preservative, please check out the preservatives section of the blog for more entries on preservatives.)

For my bars - I can't believe I haven't written about these bars in a while considering they're something I use all the time! - I add the Phenonip or Germaben II into the container as they are heating, then pour them or scoop them into molds.

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ME G said...

Wow!Whole post! Thank you Susan!
And thank you very much for such a huge amount of knowledge and for generosity with which you're sharing your knowledge and time with us!
Big Hugs,Irina.

firegirl said...

Can anyone point me in the direction of any of the preservatives above in the UK? None of my usual suppliers sell any of them. Thanks!