Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Newbie Tuesday: New schedule of posts...

Wow, I'm really off track again thanks to the intellectual property theft and plagiarism I've been dealing with lately, and I ask your indulgence as I try to figure out how to fit all the things in that need to be done and keep up with posts on the blog. 

I hope you enjoyed making toners, and I can't encourage you enough to visit any of the posts on the facial products we've been making to share your recipes.

Here's the new schedule for the facial products posts...

Tuesday, February 14th - Gels, gels, gels - introduction to carbomers
Tuesday, February 21st - Gels, gels, gels - part two
Tuesday, February 28th - Gels, gels, gels - part three
Tuesday, March 7th - Gels, gels gels - summary and recipe round up
Tuesday, March 14th- Micellar waters - introduction
Tuesday, March 21st - Micellar waters - part one
Tuesday, March 28th- Micellar waters - part two
Tuesday, April 4th - Micellar waters and make-up removers
Tuesday, April 11th - Water soluble facial product round up

As a note, I'll be at the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild conference in Las Vegas in late April - early May offering a seminar on Facial Moisturizers 101, so I will be taking a break from this series to get ready for and offer those workshops.

We'll get back on track in mid-May-ish with facial oils, sera, moisturizers, and other things that contain oil. I'll put the shopping list for the mid-May posts on-line in early April. We don't want to be ordering oils too soon as they can go rancid.

If you have suggestions for products you'd like to see in this series, please include your thoughts in the comments below. Please note we are not duplicating commercial products exactly, I'm just looking for some ideas for categories that look interesting, like micellar waters, for instance.

If you'd like to play along or if you've missed a post, here's a listing of the complete series...
Newbie Tuesday: We're making facial products! 
Shopping list
Equipment list
Let's start making facial cleansers! - Your skin type
Surfactants - what are they?
Meet the surfactants
pH of our surfactants
Facial products - the base recipe
Turning your cleanser into an exfoliating cleanser (part one) - physical exfoliants
Turning your cleanser into an exfoliating cleanser (part two) - physical exfoliants
Turning your cleanser into an exfoliating cleanser by adding chemical exfoliants
Modifying your facial cleanser into a foamer bottle recipe
Creating a facial toner (part one)
Creating a facial toner (part two)
Creating a facial toner (part three) - cosmeceuticals
Creating a facial toner (part four) - recipes including cosmeceuticals


Tatiana R said...

Hi Susan,

I am SO EXCITED to have stumbled upon your blog. I recently saw your post about how we all define natural products and was curious to know if you might ever consider doing a newbie series on naturally derived products?

Either way, I'm looking forward to becoming a regular reader of the blog.

Thanks so much!

Amanda Joy said...

Thanks for continuing to educate us in spite of being so taken advantage of. That must have been a difficult decision & your followers appreciate your generously sharing your knowledge with us! Looking forward to the gel topic so much! I've been trying to create my own facial primer using aloe vera, glycerin, emusifying wax, zinc oxide (to help calm & conceal my rosacea) and a little castor oil & preservative. Instead of a lotion, I would so prefer a gel base, I just have no idea how. I would especially like to create a gel that has a powdery finish since I also struggle with shine on my face. Thanks again & looking forward to learning more from you!

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Tatiana! To be completely honest, it's not something I'll experiment with much as a) I really love my synthetic ingredients, like silicones and esters because they make such a difference to the skin feel, and b) you can't get a "natural" preservative that works, and I refuse to make anything that doesn't contain preservatives. We can make things that don't contain water that would be considered natural, like lotion bars, facial sera, whipped butters, and so on, but the moment we add water, we need a good, broad spectrum preservative. I am working on using more green and plant based products, but I'll never be 100% green. (I hope that doesn't sound harsh!)

Hi Amanda! Thank you for your kind words. I won't let one person spoil what I think is a pretty cool community of people here, so I'll be here for a while longer!

Why castor oil? It's quite a thick oil, so I'm curious why you'd like it for a facial product? As for making a gel as a primer, have you considered making a silicone based primer as they tend to be moisturizing but dry feeling thanks to the dimethicone. Or maybe a gel, like the ones we have coming up in the next few weeks? (The powdery finish can be attained with dimethicone or by using Incroquat BTMS-50 as an emulsifier. Do a quick search for BTMS-50 moisturizers on this blog to see a few I've made for my oily, rosacea prone skin!)

Admin said...

Hi Susan I'm excited for the new posts!going with Amanda's comments I have always wanted to make a primer! That doesn't break me out and keeps me matte all day.. However I've had no luck.. Could you shed some light with us and make a basic recipe with variations for different skin types? That would be amazing! Also, what do you think companies use to give the pore minimizing effect? Silicones? I don't know but I love it!

Wendy said...

Hi Susan,

I have been looking over your site for the Micellar series but I cannot find it at all. Could you please give me the link to the posts?
Thanks so much!