Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Information on my Patreon site and how to subscribe, if you're interested

I'm seeing a lot of new people here, no doubt thanks to the issues around plagiarism I've been facing over the last almost two weeks. And a number of you said I should get the information out about my Patreon subscription site, so I'm sharing it with you again today. I post there regularly, and you can find things like how to duplicate a recipe and a question and answer section. This month I started a thread for sharing and troubleshooting your fails. There are different levels of subscription: If you are interested in the e-zines - which you can find here - subscribe at $10 a month to get one each month. If you don't really care about those, you can subscribe at lower levels of $1, $3, or $5. 

As you may or may not know, my work hours were cut to three days a week in May of last year. I took quite a few months off without pay to look after my mom. (I'm still off work as of today, but hoping to go back in March.) Patreon was a great way for me to be able to take that time off and create more content for the blog rather than looking for a second job. 

Thank you so much to all of you for your wonderful support. I really do have the loveliest readers!

Please note that the money raised by the e-zine and Patreon site goes to my family. We continue to donate every penny raised by the sales of the e-books to the Rated T for Teen youth programs Raymond and I run. 

That's what it looks like outside my door right now! We've had record snow falls since last week, and Raymond had to spend hours shovelling and getting the car out. (It's that pile of snow to the middle right of the picture!) It's been nice being in the house together with baby Sasja, and the forecast calls for more snow tonight then freezing rain, so I think we might be indoors a little longer! I'm hoping for a crafting day tomorrow, if the power stays on! 


Lindy Young said...

I have LOVED being a part of the Patreon site! It is incredible value and you are a fantastic teacher. THANK YOU.

ProudKinky said...

Is anyone having issues joining the Patreon site? If yes, please let me know how you overcame it.

1. I tried to sign up with my email and it kept giving me an error message stating that the email address don't match - but they matched!
2. I then tried to log in (using the credentials I use with the Swiftcraft site) but it wont go through!

Please advise!
By the way I was hoping to try this recipe this weekend and needed help with it.
I made this hair lotion using tips from this website but my African hair texture seems not to enjoy it. It lacked slip and also my coild were not defined. I am thinking if I add Cetearyl Alcohol, Polysorbate 60,it will be good. Problem is being a newbie, I need a little guidance. Any help?
65% water

6% e-wax
8% soy bean oil
7% sweet almond oil
3% cocoa butter
3% shea butter
2% apricot kernel oil
1% beeswax
1% jojoba oil
1% wheat germ oil

1% Vitamin E
1% preservative
1% fragrance