Friday, January 13, 2017

Update on the Newbie Tuesday facial products series

I thought I'd share an update on my plans for what we're making next. I'm sorry we got off track recently, but I think I planned more than I could handle given what's been happening with our family lately. I think this schedule I'm planning out here is do-able, although there may be side trips to other topics, the way I ended up adding today's post on salicylic acid and acne.

Monday, January 16 - Toners and cosmeceuticals (theory)
Tuesday, January 17th - Toners and cosmeceuticals (recipes)
Tuesday, January 24th - Toner summary and recipe round up
Tuesday, January 31st - Gels, gels, gels - introduction to carbomers
Tuesday, February 7th - Gels, gels, gels - part two
Tuesday, February 14th - Gels, gels, gels - part three
Tuesday, February 21st - Gels, gels gels - summary and recipe round up
Tuesday, February 28th - Micellar waters - introduction
Tuesday, March 7th - Micellar waters - part one
Tuesday, March 14th - Micellar waters - part two
Tuesday, March 21st - Micellar waters and make-up removers
Tuesday, March 28th - Water soluble facial product round up
April and onwards: Facial oils and sera, moisturizers, products that contain oil

I'll put out the shopping list for the moisturizers and products that include oils shortly. Please note, we'll be working with oils with a longer shelf life - at least six months - as we probably won't get making those things until mid to late April and I'd hate to have your oils go off before we get to the end!

If you have suggestions for products you'd like to see in this series, please include your thoughts in the comments below. Please note we are not duplicating commercial products exactly, I'm just looking for some ideas for categories that look interesting, like micellar waters, for instance.

If you'd like to play along or if you've missed a post, here's a listing of the complete series...
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Shopping list
Equipment list
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Surfactants - what are they?
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pH of our surfactants
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Turning your cleanser into an exfoliating cleanser (part one) - physical exfoliants
Turning your cleanser into an exfoliating cleanser (part two) - physical exfoliants
Turning your cleanser into an exfoliating cleanser by adding chemical exfoliants
Modifying your facial cleanser into a foamer bottle recipe
Creating a facial toner (part one)
Creating a facial toner (part two)


Sandra said...

Oooh! I'm especially excited about the micellar waters! Are there any readings about them that you can recommend? E.g. books or journal articles or anything?

I hope you're doing well and I hope you have a great weekend :)

Robert said...

This is a fabulous lineup of interesting topics and products. Looking forward to your posts.

jamil said...

Hi Susan
Thanks for all your incredible knowledge. I’ve been searching the blog for a recipe for micellar water. ( sensitive acne prone mature skin...ugh) Were you able to cover that in the facial product series or is that yet to come?!