Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Sorry for the silence!

I hope you and yours had a great Christmas or are enjoying a lovely Hannukah!

I'm sorry for being so quiet this last few weeks, but, as you probably know, we lost my mom in October and I'm still trying to make it through each day without melting down. I'm an only child with no relatives in Canada, so it feels quite lonely some days. (I realized that I've only lived apart from my mom for two years in my life in my early twenties. We were very close.) 

But onto good news! We have a new havanese-Maltese puppy named Sasja (pronounced Sasha), and we celebrated our dating anniversary (23 years on the 19th) and my birthday on the 21st, all of which led to us being extremely busy and tired!

I thought I'd ask you all what you'd like to learn more about in the new year. I'm planning to experiment more and share more recipes with you for men's products as well as green and plant based products, and play with all kinds of ingredients from Lotioncrafter and the Formulator Sample Shop. 

So what do you think you'd like to learn more about in 2017? If you have ideas for ingredients, please link to them unless it's something basic like an oil. Thanks!

Please note, I'm not inviting suggestions for products you'd like to duplicate at this time. I'm asking you for ideas for products you'd like to make or ingredients you'd like to know more about. Thanks! 


greenw/oenvy said...

Don't apologize for being away, It's understandable. It's hard losing loved ones. I lost my brother november 2015 right before his bday. It hurts and I get angry every time I cry. I am still working through it. Big hugs to you. Mothers are the best parts to life and they are just Gods way of blessing us forever. You'll be in my prayers. Take your time and enjoy your new addition to the family. Pets are awesome!

as far as mixing in the lab. I'd love to learn what great ingredients I can add into spray leave in conditioners without adding btms.

Mala said...


There are two things I'd love to see you talk about. First would be a chemical exfoliant for rough feet. Something like https://www.amazon.com/Pretty-Feet-Hands-Remover-Exfoliant-3-Ounce/dp/B000052XW5.

I would also really like to know about poo-pourri. (https://www.poopourri.com/) I'm curious if it's the essential oils, carrier oils, or surfacnats/emulsifiers that are actually doing the work here. I've seen numerous duplications on the internet, and I've been meaning to start my own experiments, letting my husband do the testing ( ;-) ) to see what exactly is the "active" part of the formula but haven't come up with the time yet.


Katrina Li said...

Interesting to hear about anti-wrinkle muscle relaxant ingridients, like syn-ake, Acmella oleracea extract, argireline, Leuphasyl - all botox alternatives.

Also interesting to hear more about inuline and caffeine for skin and hairs.

Interesting topics are natural sulfactants, like shikakai, soap nuts and others.

Katrina Li said...

Interesting to know more about CO2 extracts. I have found a lot of CO2 extracts here https://co2-extract.ru/index.php?cPath=68. Are CO2 better than regular extracts?

Ben said...

Different emulsifiers, maybe some body sprays, perhaps a deodorant would be pretty cool and making a chemically exfoliating cream for feet would be pretty super too as another person mentioned.

tanniszamora said...

Good morning Susan, thank you for being so kind and thoughtful to us. I am really sorry about your loss. It seems this 2016 year has seen many many angels go home.

I am really interested in using Stearic Acid for thickening of creams/butters etc. I hesitate to say Lotions because I am told when one thinks of lotions, water is a main ingredient. I do NOT want to use water if I can help it. I am concerned with product getting rancid as well as oil and water don't mix. I use my Essential Oils in whatever I make. I think the term is Anhydrous. I am not sure. But I want to make body/hand lotions but not use water if there is such a thing. I love what Stearic Acid does and would like to incorporate it into the product.
Thank you again. Happy New Year. ps your baby, Sasja is adorable. tannis

Kelly Stevens said...

Sasja is adorable!

elegantsheep said...

Holidays are rough after a loss. Thoughts are with you.
Question - how much lateral migration occurs with lotions and creams? Eg can you as an experiment treat one half of your face with one lotion and the other half with another, or will the ingredients migrate from one side to the other to blur the effect?

Re ideas - what about a line for pets? I use a mixture of dimethicone and cyclomethicone as a mane and tail detangler for my horse, and it is awesome. Detanglers for dogs?

It's Happening Now said...

I would like to know how to pronounce the chemistry related words. Its a full out guess on my part and have embarassed myself by showing my ignorance of the pronounciation at the most inoportune times. I would like to sound...scientific!! :-)

Nathalie Côté said...

Dear Susan, I would like learn more about pracaxi butter that is supposed to act like btms for our hair wow unbelievable !


I hope you had a good anniversary and birthday 😊 And omg your new baby is soooo adorable! I would like to suggest more perfume body sprays formulations. Like one day with cyclomethicone one day with water based one day with alcohol based? Idk but I know I would surely like more help with making my own perfumes/sprays. I have followed some recipes I found but it seems like the scent dissipates within less than 20 seconds and it's gone. I would like to know what gives the perfume it's staying power. Also if you are going to try more green or earth friendly products maybe shampoos and conditioners with such things or how to incorporate them into the recipes you have already posted. If you can swap out certain "earth friendly" ingredients for others within these recipes and if you can't and most importantly why you can/can't. Anyway those r some of my suggestions and thoughts. I really appreciate all your help on here and I hope you find comfort in the things and people you still have and in your wonderful work you do!

N said...

Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge and your time!
I would love to learn about ingredients like Gladback, something that would help thicken aging skin.
I would like to learn more about bamboo.
Ingredients that keep yellow away on hair (blue shampoo)
I would love to make facial masks (clay, peal off... ), sérums, roller for under eyes.
Anything that would give elasticity to skin.


Ben said...

Hair styling products, gels, waxes, pomades. those would be cool.

Jeje said...

Compliments of the season, Susan..thanks for not hoarding knowledge and wanting to share information..it shows this is a calling..pls stretch marks is a big concern for me and people in my locality..I am tired of DIY...any formulation on that.thank you.God bless.xoxo

Rosa Phillips said...

Your new baby is adorable! I am sure that he is blessed to have you and Raymond as his new parents.

Happy New Year!

Kirsten Thomas. said...

Totally understandable Susan, it takes a long time to lighten those feelings after a loved one passes. It's actually normal and part of the healing. Been there, and I send you my best wishes. You had a rough year, for sure. So happy you got a new puppy, who is freaking adorable! So...on to 2017. I am interested in more face mask ideas, esp. with clay. I bought some wonderful dead sea mud, but after learning about preserving mud, I know I really cannot make this and sell it, so it would be for myself...and how to preserve it properly is overwhelming! A nail cream or the foot thing people were talking about is cool too. Also I made and love your intense conditioner. Looking forward to playing with more hair stuff myself, and thanks for your platform to jump off of! Happy new year to you and your hubby.

melody said...

Thank you for all you do and share Susan. My heart goes out to you and your difficult time. I have had my own and wish I could give you a big hug. You're not alone. We are all family in a way. May time lessen the pain. You on the right path with your bundle of fur!

Colorado Crème said...

I want to make a creamy cleanser this year. I live in a semi-arid, high-altitude climate. It is SO dry here in Colorado! And I want to make a facial moisturizer for aging skin in my climate, with as many natural ingredients as possible--a triple whammy!

Thank you for such a wonderful blog!

M Konnerth said...

You give so much to the small formulator community, you never need to apologize to us! I think everyone would agree: you're an absolute treasure! No words can comfort the loss of your Mom, but that furbaby is precious! How about a celebratory pet product formula to christen her existence in your life??
I am thrilled that you'll start to explore the world of naturals! Yay!
Wishing you a year full of Great Happiness and Dreams Come True!
Merilyn, Long Island, New York

Unknown said...

Your new baby dog is adorable!

What about formulating a sleeping mask? They seem to be all the rage lately, particularly from Korean beauty brands (though I'm completely ok with omitting snail or birds nest, which are also popular ingredients there). Some sleeping mask formulations feel full of glycerin, while others are very much like a regular face lotion that you apply a bit more heavily than usual.


Maria said...

I hadn't read about the loss of your mom because I've been traveling and busy with a new release and trying to catch up with life. I'm sorry read about your loss. Condolences and a prayer for her heavenward.

I am glad you have a puppy. They are joyful creatures and will bring you smiles!

Jammy Smith said...

Thank you for all you do and share. I am happy to see your puppy, but sorry to read about your loss. I think this year I would like to learn more about hair. Yesterday, I had my hair cut, and I was asked if I use hair essence, and the Korean hair dresser was so surprised to know that I don't use it, and actually don't know much about it. I think hair essence is quite popular in Korea and Asia. Then, I really want to learn how to formulate a shampoo and conditioner for African hair for my niece. I also love to learn how to make BB or CC Cream. Sleeping mask is also something I like to learn.

Caroline said...

We miss you but we understand. New puppy (so cute!)is a lovely way to keep busy. I'm also interested in anything for 'mature' skin

Mala said...

I'd love to come up with a formula for super strong bubble liquid, too! My daughter loves blowing bubbles, and the commercial "big bubbles" formulas get comparatively expensive. I know I could make it for a fraction of the cost. Most "recipes" on the internet call for some amount of dish soap (usually a particular brand), corn syrup or glycerin, water, and sometimes random other things (corn starch and baking soda are common).

I'd love to know what you think about how to get started.