Friday, October 21, 2016

Bloglovin' is holding my blog hostage until I post this link to them...

Please don't read my blog on Bloglovin'. I would prefer you come here to read it and interact with me and other readers. But Bloglovin' wants you to read my work on their site so they can make money from it. They're holding me hostage and won't release information on my blog until I put the link at the bottom of the page on my site.

I don't make money from this blog. I take no ads because I don't want to annoy you and because I don't believe in the kinds of ads that would want to be on this blog, telling you about the amazing benefits of coconut oil or how some celebrity looks awful without making. 

Bloglovin' is making money from my blog - and hundreds of other blogs - and they do so without permission. They are making me put this link at the bottom of the page so I can gain access to my own blog on their site/app. I put this here only so I can access information they have about my blog. 

Enough people are making money from my work - I see you pirating the e-books, copying my words wholesale without attribution or links, linking directly to downloads instead of to the blog as I've asked you to do, copying recipes and claiming them as your own, teaching classes with materials - and I think it's time it stopped. I ask for one thing for all this free information - just visit the blog instead of using another program. If that's too much to ask, then maybe there's no place for the way I present information any more.

Lest you think I'm making a big deal out of nothing, my Bloglovin' feed showed me the newest posts from this blog and recommended ones about my dead dog and my dead mom. (I didn't include a picture of my mom in my own blog post as I couldn't stand the idea of seeing her picture in some feed from this company.) And I have no way to stop them doing this. Please don't encourage them. 

Please don't follow my blog with Bloglovin


Arismac said...

Susan, this is not only a disgusting rip-off but also a highly illegal breach of copyright in almost every country of the world. Perhaps it is time to close the plagerisers out of the act and take a look at an exclusive software like vBulletin. This allows you to take full control of your work while still letting you sell your copyright exclusively to those that you wish to deal with.

John Macmahon

Larkrise Eco-Clean: beautiful handmade cleaning products said...

Thanks for all you do Susan. People the world over hold you in high regard and appreciate you. So sorry for the loss of your mother, , and for the dreadful plagiarisation which is happening with your fantastic blog.

Kath Collard said...

The world can be a very dissapointing place at times. It is abhorrent that at the time of our deepest distresses, heartless/voyaristic tags are created to attract readers.

Take care.


electrikat65 said...

What in the world is "bloglovin" and how can we destroy them for you? What kind of feces does something like that and how in the world could anyone purposely support a site like that? Hang tough. And I too am so saddened by your double loss.

Jessica said...

Question. Does it work the same if I click view original Post, which takes me to a blog from bloglovin? I always view your site straight from my Web browser, but for other blogs I dont. I've just always wondered how it worked.

Bunni Vaughan Healy said...

Hi Susan, I've never posted anything to you before and it feels kind of odd since you have taught me so much, for which I am very grateful. I'm very sorry about your mother and sorry that you have to deal with this blogging situation. My site is on my own domain under only my control and while I don't have to link to anyplace else I too find my articles on other sites with no credits. There's not much to be done about it I guess. At least with your info the people who read the thefts are getting good information. Some of what I see recopied is frightening, like so much of the bad info on the web.

I have a question and a suggestion, for whenever you get around to them. First regarding condensation. If the bottle had condensation and you gave it a good shake, wouldn't the condensation liquid become part of the preserved lotion or is that not enough mixing for it to work?

The suggestion, unless you've found a better way by now, is in regard to filling bottles. I bought a six pack of 32 ounce, wide-mouth, squeeze bottles with yorker caps. When my lotion is cooled I put it in those and store them upside down (on a wire rack). They make it very easy to fill bottles because they are so squeezable. The lotion shoots to the bottom of the bottle being filled, even if it is pretty thick. There is a bit of waste and it does slow me down right at the end - getting the last bits out - but it is a great improvement over anything else I have tried. I hope that is helpful. Would love to reciprocate just a tiny bit even. Thanks so much for all you do!

Molly Fyfe said...

Hi Susan,

I've been meaning to write to you and thank you for all the selfless work that you do. You are an inspiration to so many people like me. I was so clueless about all of this until every single time I searched for an answer, I would end up here! I've since been on your site everyday learning and making wonderful lotions, shampoos, conditioners for myself and as gifts. You've taught me so many valuable things that are worth paying for and you offer all of this for free. I've never used any of your recipes directly, but I've used your wisdom and your posted recipes as a guide to trying some new ideas. Hopefully someday I can turn this super fun hobby into a business and repay you for all of your lessons. I have literally geeked out on this blog for months. Please don't let selfish people bring you down, just know that you're bringing so much joy to so many people by just being your awesome self and writing these amazing articles!

Thank you!!
Molly Fyfe

Ben said...

you can add a small bit of code to your site which can be found here

Add it to your theme before the head tag it'll hopefully remove their frame

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Thank you all for your support, and I'm sorry I didn't get to comment sooner. Bloglovin' claims that I get credit and stats through them, but I'm not seeing it. (The stupid part is that I don't have to have the stats for anyone but me, but it will help when it's time to submit a book proposal, for instance.) It's so frustrating to see someone profiting off my work, then demanding that I give them credit for doing so. They have a new program that I could join that will take even more of my work and time, so they can suck it.

Thanks for the information on hosting my own site. I used to have one for another site many years ago, and it was a lot of work to maintain it. Having said that, it's something we're looking into and hope to have something concrete to announce soon!

Thank you so much for your kind words, Molly. They mean so much to me!

Hi Bunni! I've used your question and great suggestion in today's Weekend Wondering.

Hi Ben! Thank you. I will try that out after I'm done all the comment answering today!