Sunday, September 4, 2016

A few administrative things I'm asking from you to make life a teensy bit easier right now...

Hi everyone! Thank you for all your good thoughts for my mom and my family. She's still in hospital, but should be getting out on Thursday when the radiation treatment ends. (That's my tiny, white haired mom at my wedding. She's an amazing dressmaker, and made all the clothes, including the handmade buttons all over my amazing dress. I felt like such a princess, and I'm not really a princess-y kind of girl!) We are making it through day by day, and she is getting stronger and more annoyed at being stuck at the hospital, which I consider a very good sign. (Before all of this, she was working out at the YMCA gym three days, two hours at a time doing aerobics and weights, and spend hours in the garden while she had pneumonia in the spring, so this is a big shock to everyone!)

We cherish your kind thoughts and prayers more than you will know. Thank you so much. We really are so incredibly fortunate to have such an outpouring of kindness!

As you can imagine, I'm not able to get to your comments and messages as often as I wish as I have so much on my plate right now. I ask for your patience as I don't have much time, and, when I do have time, I'm generally pretty exhausted and need rest and quiet to replenish my reserves for the next day.

You may recall a few months ago I wrote a post that I might not be answering comments in the future. After giving it serious amounts of thought, I've realized this isn't who I am, and as much as I stress about not having time to respond to them, your comments are a serious part of what makes this blog enjoyable for me and, I hope, helpful to you.

I love reading and responding to your comments! I gain such inspiration from you, my wonderful readers. You're inspiriting, uplifting, happy making, and intriguing, and I find myself often going down a bunny trail of information that ends up with me learning something new and interesting I want to share with you on the blog, in future e-books, or wherever I can fit that cool stuff!

To make this easier on me, could you ask your question somewhere relevant on the blog? For instance, if you have a question about hair conditioner, could you ask it in a post about hair conditioners? I ask this for a few reasons - the first being that you might find the answer to your question in that post and two, it means people looking for help on that topic might find the answers I've already provided to you.

Here are a few examples of what I'm talking about...

  • If you have a question about shampoo, please post it in a post about shampoo, not one about lotion making or a type of oil or the most recent post I've written about any topic at all. Please do a search for the word "shampoo" or go the hair care section to find a post on shampoos. 
  • If you have a post on macadamia nut oil, please post it in the posts on macadamia nut oil. Do a search to find "macadamia nut oil" on the blog, or go to the emollients section of the blog and look for that post. 
  • If you are intererested in learning more about cuticle balms, please don't ask your comment in a post on making eye shadows. 

If I see a question posed on a blog post that is completely irrelevant to the comment, I probably won't answer it. Or I might let you know of a better place you could pose it. But don't assume I will.

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Also, as I write on the right hand side column, something you'll see on every single page: If you are writing to me for help on a recipe, please include your exact recipe in percentages and creation process. If you don't share this information, I can't provide help. I don't have time to do the back-and-forth thing asking you for information I need to help you, so include everything and be as specific as necessary.

I'm getting hardcore about this. I will not write to you to ask you to provide this information. If it's not there, I'm not answering it. Again, see the bit above about not having much time to write any more, and I can't work harder than you are to get you the information you want.

f you don't understand what I'm asking you for, please consult this post on calculating percentages, which you can find in the frequently asked questions section of the blog. 

Most of my work these days is done on my iPhone with a bluetooth keyboard while I'm waiting at the hospital or on a coffee break at work, so it's hard to link and comment and write long posts with it, so I ask for these things to make it easier to write this blog and share with you. I appreciate your enthusiasm for the blog and long may it continue! Formatting your comments and recipes in a certain way means my time is more productive and you get the answers and help you want!

Thank you!


Sânziene şi Mătrăgună said...

Dear Susan,

I'm sending you my good thoughts, full of love and light, hoping that everything will go well for you and your mom! Family is precious, and our mothers are one of the most precious gifts life has offered!

Take care, be strong for her and tell her your readers across the pond are sending smiles and virtual flowers :)


Lise M Andersen said...

Best thoughts to your mum and you Susan. (It does indeed sound like a good sign that she is annoyed about being in hospital.

Anamaria said...

Sorry to hear about your Mom, Susan, but glad to know she is getting better, I hope sometime soon you'll let us know she is back home and stronger than ever, sending you wishes for peace, light and serenity

Kath Collard said...

Wishing your mum continued light and love whilst on her journey to a healthier vrrsion of who she is ... gym,gardening and the like. Take care of you Susan.

Pepper7 said...

Susan, I'm happy to hear that your Mom is on the road to recovery ! That's great news and
a mental burden lifted off of you, I'm sure. What you consider a "favor", is policy for a lot of other blogs and groups.
It makes sense and will make it easier for you and the reader.

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Thank you so much for all your lovely thoughts! She's home - as of Thursday - and getting stronger every day!
I really do have the loveliest readers! You are all too kind!