Saturday, July 16, 2016

Weekend Wonderings: Using MSM? Lip safe preservatives?

In this post on MSM, Unknown asks: I bought some MSM from Voyageur after seeing it as an ingredient in a muscle ointment from my chiropractor. I am not sure how to use it though in muscle rub, especially after searching a bit and finding it is used mainly in shampoo and skin cream. Can you please help me or suggest something. I want to make a nice muscle/Arthritis lotion/rub. Thank you.

MSM is hygroscopic - meaning it is a humectant - and we buy it in as a water soluble white powder so it's easier and less stinky to use than sulphur powder. We add it in the heated water phase of our lotions and other creations so it will dissolve properly. When added to lotions and other emulsified things, it can cool down and leave shards behind that are most unpleasant on the skin if not properly dissolved (it's a lot like allantoin in that way). Start at 1% and see how you like it in your products - you can use it up to 5% for products intended for oily hair or skin related products, up to 10% for pain relief.

You cannot use it in an anhydrous product (non-water, oil only containing product) as it is water soluble. This means you cannot put into a lotion bar, whipped butter, balm, or salve. You have to use it in a product that contains water, like a lotion. If you check out the newbies section of the blog, you'll see a nice basic lotion that could easily accept MSM into it. Start with 1% in the heated water phase to see what you think of it. Make a small 100 gram batch of lotion and see what you think of it before making a larger batch and adding more MSM.

Let us know how it turns out!

In this post on Phenonip, fie_jia asks: Can i use optiphen plus or germall plus for my lip product recipe such as lip stain that contain water ? Or can you suggest me a better preservative for lip product that contain water ? Thank you : )

If you want to know more about a preservative and the information isn't here on the blog, a great idea is to do a Google search for "preservative name" + data bulletin +lip safe. You'll find quite a lot of information. If it isn't immediately obvious, take a look at the products for which they suggest the preservative, and you can get a better sense of how to use it. 

No, you can't use liquid Germall Plus in lip products. I can't find anything about Optiphen Plus being lip safe or not - I would say "not", based on the data sheets I found that don't include any suggestions for using it in lip products - but I have found quite a lot about parabens being lip safe. So you might want to look into Phenonip or Germaben II. Optiphen might also be safe. I think you'll have to do a bit more research about one of these preservatives before putting it in a lip product. 



Nicholls said...

Hi Susan, Thrilled to read that MSM has found its way to your blog!! For a while I've been making a muscle and joint cream as i have bursits (in my shoulder) and it takes away a lot of pain. I use 20% MSM powder, if you use more than 20% it will crystallize again. I also make an oil-free MSM cream for acne, also with 20% MSM.
As long as I didn't use more than 20% of MSM in the waterfase, it didn't crystallize.
MSM does wonders for acne and also for hair and nails. I use 5 grams of MSM powder in a glass of water in the morning and use my MSM oil free cream for my face and my skin just loves it. It took about 4 to 5 weeks but my skin is nearly acne free. If you google for MSM (MethylSulfonylMethaan)you will see what kind of benefits it can give, a lot more than only for muscles and joints. I found that is also can help to make sun spots lighter, don't know what the name is but I'm talking about the brown spots on the skin when you get older and when you are pregnant and get these spots from the sun. I did a lot of research on the net (Professor Stanley Jacob) about MSM and spend the last 6 months making product with it and I am very pleased with it. This source is in Dutch but if you use Google translator you can read it:

Love your blog and thank you for all your hard work you do for us!!
Tania Nicholls

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Tania! (Great last name, by the way...) Thanks so much for sharing your experiences! That's awesome!

Anna Zell said...

Tania & Susan, thank you for the research and how to info. I'm going to attempt making my own as the product I used to use now costs around $200/gallon! I know since making the basic lotion and from taking MSM supplements, that I can make it for far less.

Anna Zell said...

Update: I made the basic lotion from Susan's recipe last weekend adding 15%/grams MSM powder dissolved in the water phase. My lotion turned out great, no granulation in the cooled product. The only difference from the usual consistency is that it's a little thicker. I've passed out a few samples to friends for feedback. Thanks again for the great information.