Sunday, July 24, 2016

Weekend Wonderings: Adding clay to a lotion?

In this post, Modifying our lotions into creams, Dawn asks: I'd like to use your thick cream recipe and add bentonite and kaolin clay to make it an exfoliating foot scrub. Can I simply add the clays to the finished cream at safe usage rates?

Adding clay really can be as easy as adding a certain amount to a product you like and rejoicing about it. However, it's not something you can keep around your house forever. And be aware that some clays dissolve really well in water, so test a small batch first to make sure you aren't creating mud!

I suggest keeping a clay in lotion product for a short period of time, maybe four weeks tops, and using a preservative intended for hard-to-preserve products at the maximum rate. (Something like Germaben II or Phenonip would be good choices here.)

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Paige B said...

Why not just add the clay as needed when you use it?

Kim said...

I've taken a good look at commercial products, clay masks in particular that I liked and wanted to duplicate, and wow - they use a TON of different preservatives in them. For me, I decided to just add clay as needed to a particular lotion instead to avoid growing nasties, and having to use all of those high-powered preservatives.