Monday, July 11, 2016

Weekday Wonderings: Can we use Lotionpro 165 in an emulsified scrub?

In this post on emulsifiers, Toni asks: Can you see any reason that Lotionpro 165 should not be used as an emulsifier for emulsifier sugar scrub? I ran out of Polawax but I'm not sure if Lotionpro has limitations.

Lotionpro 165 (Lotioncrafter's name for it) or Simulsol 165 (same thing, found at Windy Point) is a great emulsifier for making light, fluffy lotions and body butters. It would be a great addition to an emulsified scrub and, honestly, I can't believe I haven't tried it yet. It's going on my to-do list now!

I haven't found an emulsifier that couldn't be used in one of my emulsified scrubs yet. Each one brings a different skin feel to the product - Incroquat BTMS-50 is a bit dry feeling while Rita BTMS-225 (same as Incroquat BTMS-25) feels a bit waxier - but they can all emulsify the oils enough to create an awesome product.

Okay, I should correct that. I don't think the new cold processed emulsifiers I've been using like Aristoflex AVC and Sepiplus 400 would do well in a scrub, but I haven't tried them to prove that yet.  I know Sucragel AOF is terrible for this kind of product.

So the short answer is yes, try it and let us know how it goes!


Alana said...

Would LotionPro 165 consistency be weird for a face moisturizer? Would it be too fluffy?

Danuta Kilar said...

I made already tow face lotions with Lotion pro 165 and they are wonderful light, so it is easy to spread it on skin. I used 3% thickener and Dimetithone. I love this emulsifier especially in facial care, Not too fluffy ;)

Elizabeth said...

LotionPro 165 is the only emulsifier that I've ever used. I thought it sounded nice and I'm new to lotion making and have a limited budget so I've only used the one. In my admittedly limited experience it's great. I've had good luck with it as long as I use a thickener, the one time I tried a lotion without it the emulsion failed. I've made several face moisturizers and I really like the fluffy feel, it feels light and sort of melts on the skin. I make one with 10% squalane and 1% sea buckthorn berry oil and I really, really like it (and so does my bestie).

Alana said...

For face moisturizer, would it be better to use a water-soluble thickener like xanthan gum? Or can you use cetyl alcohol?

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi everyone! Yeah, I think it'd make an amazing facial moisturizer. Use cetyl alcohol or xanthan gum, either one would work.

I'll be posting more about Lotionpro 165 in the near future. It's definitely one of my favourites these days!

Toni Larimore said...

Sorry it has taken me so long to report back. The following is a slightly modified version on the emulsified sugar scrub recipe Susan was kind enough to create.

LotionPro 165 10% (.8 oz)
Cetyl Alcohol 5% (.4 oz)
Stearic Acid 5% (.4 oz)
Cocoa Butter (DO) 10% (.8 oz)
Mango Butter 10% (.8 oz)
Total of oils 55%
Macadamia 25% (2.1 oz)
Rice Bran 10% (.8 oz)
Avocado 10% (.8 oz)
Hazelnut 5% (.4 oz)
Almond 5% (.4 oz)
Phenonip 1% (.1 oz)
Vit E 1% (.1 oz)
Fragrance oil 3% (.2 oz)

I made a small batch, which I struggled with a bit but that was totally me. I made 8.3 oz before the granulated sugar, which I added 12.2 oz.
My initial reaction was that I had not incorporated something quiet right as I have only used Polawax previously (with cetyl alcohol only). After letting it set for a day or two, I think its as it should be. I'm really liking the difference. It doesn't feel as waxy or heavy as my Polawax recipe. So I may only use that recipe in the winter, when I need a stronger feel. I strongly encourage others to give it a try.

Thank you for providing a wonderful blog, chock full of amazing starting points! Your enthusiasm to help, is so appreciated!!