Sunday, July 24, 2016

My first e-zine is available to Patreon subcribers today!

If you're a subscriber for the blog at the $10 level through Patreon, today you'll see the first of my e-zines, Summer Products, available for download! You'll get 31 pages of exclusive to the e-zine recipes for summer products, like aloe vera gels, light summery lotions, and beachy hair sprays, as well as my favourite cool tie pattern!

I'm quite excited right now, as you can probably tell, and I can't wait to hear your feedback about it! Thank you so much to my lovely subscribers!

If you're interested in learning more about what it means to subscribe to me through Patreon, please click here and check out the link "Why Susan Barclay Nichols is on Patreon". 

What to do if you missed this e-zine and you're interested in reading it? These will be available to non-subscribers a while after they are received by the subscribers. (And thank you for being interested in reading them!)

Thank you to all my lovely readers and patrons for supporting me over this really stressful period of time. I hope I have shown my appreciation for your kindness and generosity!


CC Mirabella said...

I'm not sure what the issue is... The first time I saw about patreon I went right in there opened an account pledged $10 and the darn thing will not open up to allow me to put my account information... I've gone back in 4-5xs I log in like I have an account but it just will not open! I'm going back in now but I figured maybe it's my iPad? But I do everything on here , I place orders to different suppliers all the time...I don't get it. Just in case anyone else is having an issue? I'll let you know if I don't get in before the end of this month.

Mollie said...

Thank you so very much, Susan. I took a quick look and am interested in the aloe and summer products. I just put together a summer lotion with aloe liquid and aloe butter so we're on the same page.
I hope you are not working harder for PATREON than you did for your lost job hours! Your contributions to my obsession are greatly appreciated.


ingenting said...

Will the magazine be available to purchase on your blog?
Just wondering, so I know where to keep an eye out for it :)

And I agree with Mollie, don't burn yourself out!
Though I do look forward to seeing the magazine.

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi CC! Can you send me an email to and give me the name under which you would have subscribed. I can look you up on the system and let you know what it says!

Hi Mollie! Yeah, I'm working a bit harder, but it's just to get everything going and make sure I'm doing everything right!

Hi Ingenting! Yes, in two months, the e-zine will be available on the blog!