Saturday, July 30, 2016

A short note for a hugely busy Saturday!

A quick reminder if you're interested in subscribing to my Patreon feed, which includes duplicated recipes and a monthly e-zine (at the $10 level), you need to be subscribed as of August 1st to be part of it for that month. As a note, the money you pay for the subscription is going to me and my family, not the youth programs. The e-books continue to go to pay for the Rated T for Teen youth program! (I'm off to video game club this afternoon for mid-summer mayhem!)

I will be offering the e-zine on the blog 2 months after it's offered to the $10 subscribers for $12. I'll post more as the e-zines become available. 

Also, thank you for directly visiting this blog instead of by-passing it with another reader or by downloading material! I can see that more people are visiting the blog and that's just awesome! (And I've noticed more comments, which is also awesome!)

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