Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Weekday Wonderings: Using solubilizers to produce fragrance or room sprays

Sorry for the silence. It's been a difficult week as my mom's health isn't great at the moment, and it's kept me away from the computer. Thanks for your patience!

In this post, Caprol Micro Express, Sandra asks: I made a spray by using CMB but I found the spray was turned cloudy when the room temperature increased. Did you experience it? Is it fine to use such cloudy product? Or, it turns bad already!? Is there any way to enhance its stability? Thanks a lot! :)

The short answer is yes, you can use it when it's cloudy.

The longer answer is still yes, with an explanation of how solubilizers work. When it's cloudy it means you've done some solubilizing, which is a good thing. It means some of the oil is being solubilized by the Caprol Micro Express (in this case). You can get to a point where your product will not be cloudy - check out these room sprays I made using PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil below.

There are so many different solubilizers - you can see below all the different experiments I've done with them - and some produce clear products and others don't. You have to get the ratio right to get a clear product, and not all of them produce a clear product!

Some are a 1:1 ratio of solubilizer to fragrance/essential oil and some are higher. This is really a place where you need to experiment with your ingredients to see what works best.

Take a look at my experiments in the links below. You'll see all the ways I tried to get some of these things to work and what I had to do to get them clear.

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