Thursday, June 2, 2016

One ingredient, five products: Stearic acid - some questions!

On this post on creating foot scrub bars, Yekatherina asks: Back in December 29, 2011 you posted about the Solid Foot Pumice Bars with a recipe that included sodium lactate. The one on this particular post does not include it and it adds more of the stearic acid. Is there a particular reason why you took out the sodium lactate (as in safety reasons) or does it have to do more with showcasing the stearic acid in this particular post.

The short answer is that I took the sodium lactate out of the recipe because I wanted to highlight stearic acid as a bar hardener. Both are good choices for bar hardeners, and I often use both!

In this post on hand lotions, Ahmed asks: Can we skip the e-wax and use an alkali like TEA or potassium hydroxide to saponify stearic acid to get the emulsifier.. and if we gonna use an alkali which's better and why? .. thank you <3 i="">

Yes, you can use stearic acid and an alkaline ingredient like triethanolamine to create a soap-like emulsifier. I've never done this, so I'll refer you to this document on how to do it. It's a great emulsifier for making cold creams, and I think my interest is piqued enough to want to make it!

I'm afraid I can't recommend what alkalis are best because I haven't experimented with this, so I'll suggest sticking to the recipe in the links and experimenting once you feel comfortable with making it.

I hope you've enjoyed this series on stearic acid! Have any more questions about stearic acid? What are you waiting for? Go buy some and have some experimenting fun!

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Susan said...

This is a great summary! I have really enjoyed this series on stearic acid, thank you for revisiting it!
Question: To obtain a less draggy product, but still wanted the nice thick viscosity (like a moisture cream for the face), would Cetyl/cetearyl alcohol be a good substitute? I have a nice recipe for face cream, but Id prefer not to have the drag on my face and neck when I apply it.
Thanks again!