Thursday, June 2, 2016

My new Patreon page

As you may or may not know, I work a day job as a family support worker, and my hours have gone from five days a week to three. It's a bit of a shock to our family budget and to my brain, which is accustomed to working every hour I'm given.

I thought this might be a good opportunity to take some time to create more content for the blog by researching and working with new ingredients in the workshop so I can write more informational posts and create more new recipes! I've also set out a plan to create a monthly e-zine and new e-books, including an ingredient encyclopedia, as well as the possibility of doing some video classes. (Don't get too excited yet. The videos are definitely in the "wouldn't it be awesome if..." category for now!)

To that end, I've set up a Patreon page where you can offer support to me and the blog through a small one-off donation or through a monthly subscription that gets you some awesome things, like the chance to suggest a duplication recipe, and a monthly e-zine. I'll be offering some exclusive content over there on the Patreon feed as well as a monthly Q&A that I hope will become a live chat in the next few months.

Yeah, I know I said I wouldn't be doing more duplicating, but I kinda found the bug again, especially given I have all kinds of crazy emulsifiers, cosmeceuticals, and more at my disposal these days. 

Rather than adding all kinds of annoying advertising and taking sponsored posts, I thought this was the best way to raise money for me to continue to work on the blog. This way I can keep the blog free for everyone without all those annoying distractions and definitely un-science-y stories about one weird trick that can do something awesome for your life, who is sleeping with whom, and how some woman in your town makes thousands working from home doing something strange...

As another note, your pledge is charged on the first of the month. So anything you pledge before July 1st won't come out until then. But I'll be posting over there and gathering your thoughts about the duplication recipe until then! (I won't have an e-zine out until late July...)

Please note, any pledge you make through Patreon will be going directly to support me as I increase the amount of content you can find on this blog, in my new e-zine, and future e-books. It is not a donation to my youth programs. If you wish to donate to my youth programs, the proceeds from my five e-books will continue to go directly to the Rated T for Teen youth programs my husband and I run through Chilliwack Community Services. (Click here to learn more about our youth programs. They're awesome!!!) Nothing changes there, and we continue to thank you!

Thank you for all your ongoing support. I couldn't write this blog without you - and wouldn't want to! - and I appreciate all your support, kindness, and generosity for everything I do! (You can't see it, but I'm smiling and waving at you all while I blush!)

A huge thanks to Kendra Cote of Modern Soapmaking for helping me through this process. (Check out her Patreon page! It's incredible!) And to Marg Peebles for arranging our connection. I am forever in your debt, you amazing women! 


pat bortolin said...

This is AWESOME!! Susan...good for you and looking forward to being a part of your new ventures..and again CONGRATS!...:)

Martha Patterson said...

I have followed you although I haven't said much at least yet. I don't want to be left behind, so whatever you are up to, I am interested. Please put me on your Patreon e-mail list. -

M Konnerth said...

I think Patreon is great and your knowledge is worth it's weight in gold!
Can't thank you enough for what I've learned from you over the last few years! and now Patreon?
I'm in!
Best, Merilyn