Friday, May 20, 2016

Comment moderation is on for posts older than 14 days....

Update: I have moved to asking everyone to log in with a Google name or Open ID for the time being. As well, any comments on posts older than 14 days will be moderated as that's how the spammer was working. I will allow anything that isn't spam or something mean! 

The spammer, Aiken Barlow - - won't stop spamming me. So we're moving to moderation until Google listens to me that this person is a spammer. I have reported each comment as spam and the Google+ page as being owned by a spammer. It still won't stop.

I definitely encourage you to visit Aiken Barlow's Google page to see what he/she is doing. Report them as spammers. Look at this spam on this post and know that I'm dealing with this BS all day and night. 

I have to see all the notifications in my inbox and go through the spam. I'm done for a bit dealing with this. Wondering why I haven't responded to your comment or message? It's probably lost in this endless morass of crap from Aiken Barlow's spam.


Paige B said...

Spammers are awful :(. I checked those links though...the Google+ one is a pretty empty page...doesn't have any posts or anything. The link to your blog post takes me to a post from April 2012 where you posted a cartoon image and there is one comment. The poster is anonymous, but all it says is "I think the image came off great. Super cute." I'm not sure what we are supposed to see?

Anyway, wishing you lots of luck with any new endeavours. Glad your back seems to be under control. Definitely looking forward to any workshop experiments! I remember you got a giant box of goodies from FSS a while ago and I've been waiting with bated breath to see what you got and how it works!

Belinda Karst said...

I saw the same things that Paige saw when I clicked on the links. So sorry these spammers are making your life miserable! I wish they'd find a more constructive use of their time. I just don't understand that mentality. Here's hoping you find a solution to the spammer problem! Shoot, I'd even pay you for a subscription to your blog, if that ends up being the solution.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Lise M Andersen said...

Belinda makes an excellent point Susan-- maybe worth considering?