Thursday, May 19, 2016

Change to commenting abilities - temporary, I hope

Thanks to the spammer who has been running around my blog posting his/her BS all night for the last week, I'm restricting commenting to only those who log in for at least a week or so. I'm sorry to those of you without Google log ins, but I am spending an hour at least wading through the notifications of the spam then more time actually moving the comments to spam every day. (If this experiment works, I may stay with this system. Just a fair warning!) 

I hope to return to the old system, but allowing anonymous comments is really  a massive pain the bum with more problems than not, mostly with spam, but sometimes from the cowards who call me names from the safety of not providing a name. I'll see how it all goes as I know some of the prolific commenters don't sign in and I don't want to make you feel unwelcome, but I'm growing tired of waking up to hundreds of emails every morning from hair care, air conditioning, train, photocopying, and many other companies' ridiculous spam messages. It's all pointless because not a single spam message on this blog will make a penny from being here as they are deleted ASAP, but I have to deal with the carnage every morning. It's like a group of filthy polar bears showed up to your family pool to bathe, sing terrible pop songs from David Hasselhoff's greatest hits package, and fling feces at each other all night, every night, and in the morning, I'm left to clean it up while humming a surprisingly catchy ear worm all day. This extra work leaves me less and less time to write.

If you can't comment and have something to share, email me at and offer feedback. We may need to tweak things a bit, but let me get a reprieve from this spam for a few days. 

PS I love those new plastic molds from Voyageur for bath bombs! They worked rather well! Aren't these cute bath bombs? 


Dc said...

Anonymous commemtators are a bain aren't they. Whenever I try to swich mine back on, I get usually rude or inappropriate comments so off it goes again.

Danuta Kilar said...

The war on spamming is awful and time consuming. I hope you can manage. Without you blog, I would be lost. Before I do anything I check you blog. :) thank you Susan for having that clean safe place :)

Belinda Karst said...

So sorry you're having to deal with that mess! I can imagine how frustrating that is! I love your blog and recommend it to anyone who shows the slightest interest in making their own products. Thank you so much for sharing your insight and wisdom! Hopefully, you will get the spam monkey off your back and have more time to devote to creating great new products (and telling us all about it, of course!😉)! Have a great weekend!


James Holman said...

Maybe you can look at asking a couple of people to be moderators and help sort the wheat from the chaff?

Unknown said...

Spamming is one of those things that burn my butt! I access your blog regularly for information, answers, and good, useful discussion. To have to weed through and get rid of all the spam, I am sure it takes the fun out of doing what makes your heart sing!
I typically don't use my google account, but now I can see how important it is, so google it is!
Take Care, breath, and kick those spammers to the curb!! Have a wonderful long weekend!
Susan in Calgary

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Thanks for all the support and suggestions! It's just so frustrating. If you're going to spam, at least be on topic. The air conditioning ones are the worst. I guess they search for "conditioning" and find my recipes, then spam me!

Having a moderator is a great idea, James. I admit, though, I'm a bit of a control freak when it comes to the blog. So I asked my husband to help, and he said yes.

It didn't stop the spammer completely. He/she turned to a few different log in names, but that meant I was able to report them to Google. I woke up to maybe 1/10th of the usual spam, so I'm calling it a victory for the moment!

Elizabeth Aqui-Seto said...


Do you think the spammers are actual people typing the messages or spambots programmed to send garbage on a regular basis? I was getting a lot of porn spam on my mobile as txt msgs on a fairly regular basis. It was very frustrating and I had to find a messaging app that filtered out the spambots so i would not see it, which worked.

Just wondering if this is what's happening in your case? It is such a pain, I can well imagine the frustration you are experiencing. Wonder if there is any solution available for your messaging system.

Good luck.

Karen's Botanicals said...

I am sorry this happens to you. I could read the frustration. I am always at a loss to understand why people are so mean, I mean, what is the point. I enjoy your blog so much. I hate that anything is causing you added stress.

I have changed the email address I use for your site, as my business was getting to much, "other," mail. So now all of my mail goes to my personal address, and this keeps my business email account only business.


Maria said...

It's probably just auto spambots. I had to close down comments completely on a few posts because they find old posts and hit it every day/night. You maybe be able to block that ip address, or look up apps that can help you manage spam. I use akismet, but that is for wordpress blogs. They may make something similar for blogger.

Unknown said...

The polar bear metaphor...I'm in tears laughing. One of the bath bombs looks like a planet, I love it!