Friday, April 15, 2016

Beautiful soaps and the fleeting nature of beauty

 I couldn't resist posting the picture of my new soap from Raven Song Soaps! Valerie is a master craftswoman at soap, and this Full Moon Soap was scooped up by my husband!

You can some of her other amazing soaps behind the Full Moon soap. They look like mountains and oceans and they are spectacular! If you're interested in some of Valerie's soaps, check out the link above or her Facebook page for Raven Song Soaps

I know we like to keep these beautiful soaps around to look at, but is that denying them their destiny? I remember Stephen Fry remarking that people present their mint condition, first edition books to him with pride, but he feels only sadness because those books weren't allowed to do the very thing they were designed to do. I feel that way with beautiful soaps and candles. They are meant to have fleeting lives filled with lather and suds, and I have to force myself to use these beautiful things so they can fulfil their purpose!

Raymond is helping me learn that some things only last a season and to embrace that fleeting nature. I struggle often to be in the moment, to shut my brain down and not worry about what's up next, so I remind myself every day to appreciate it and be calm enough to enjoy it!

Just a few thoughts for a lovely spring Friday morning!


Rena Bovair said...

I gasped when I saw that soap. People are amazing and I'm sometimes overwhelmed by their talent.

I love love love this post, because I've thought a lot about this concept. Burning the good candles, eating the beautiful cake, using the fancy towels. My dear friend who's an artist made a traditional First Nations drum (she's Kwakwaka'wakw and Tseshaht), and had her friend do his art on the drum face. The artwork is impossibly intricate and beautiful and she refuses to play it even once. It breaks my heart because such a thing is just begging to sing its song.

So yes! Beautiful soap. If used, you get to appreciate it wholeheartedly every time you use it and then after it's gone, you still have photos and the memory. We have a weird obsession with preservation in this society, while at the same time making everything increasingly disposable. I feel it would reflect better on us as a species if we built things well, and beautifully, and allowed things their natural life.

Mrs Spaceship said...

What a lovely reminder to be in the moment and appreciate things for what they are. There are so many beautiful things at my house that are waiting to be used.

Toni Larimore said...

My husband and I have been reminded recently to live in the moment. Yes, use that beautiful soap, the awesome candles and that fine china. You don't get to take it with you and more often then not, your family will not care as much for it as you did. Live and love as much as possible, because we all have an expiration date.