Sunday, March 6, 2016

Weekend news, including a video of Gwyneth Paltrow eating lotion...

It's been a pretty hard week around here. My back is slowly getting better thanks to more resting and a weekly epidural, but it's still pretty awful. I managed to stand yesterday to teach my hair care class at Voyageur Soap & Candle, but today is kinda crap, and I'm writing lying down on the comfy couch in the living room with a snoring dog by my side.

Thank you to each and every one of you who have been sending good thoughts my way. I know I've been down with this for a while - since September - and your comments and kindness fill me with happiness and hope. Thank you for being so lovely!

If you're interested in attending a class at Voyageur, I'm currently looking at the schedule for April through June, and I'd love to know what might interest you. We're doing an advanced lotion making class for the first time! Email me at and let me know! Or just email and I can put you on the alert list for information when the classes are scheduled. 

If you want help with a recipe, please write up your recipe in percentages with the exact ingredients you used and the exact process you followed. I am only able to answer longer comments on the weekend as I'm too wrecked during the week, and if you don't offer this information, it'll take longer as I ask you for it and make you wait until next weekend, if I have the energy. Please, for both of us, do this one thing - that I ask for in the right hand bar of the blog! - and you'll get your answer much sooner.

And I thought she couldn't get more ridiculous with the lifestyle stuff. Take a look at Jimmy Fallon and Gwyneth Paltrow eating lotion.

You can eat anything you make from my blog. I don't want you to because that's probably a sign that you have pica or you're a tween who can't be told not to eat a spoonful of citric acid, but I can't stop you from having a taste now and then. However, much like Thrills gum, it tastes like soap!

If you're curious, check out the ingredients list on the goop night cream. It look like they use Olivem 1000 or one of those variations, preserved with gluconolactone, found in NataPres. It's $140 for 1.7 ounces (51 ml or a little more than 3 tablespoons.) If I were you, I'd stick to dipping your fries in mayo or fry sauce (ketchup and mayo in Idaho, tartar sauce in eastern Washington state, or BBQ sauce and mayo in Montana). They'll taste better, and they won't cost you $14 a dip!

Sorry if I didn't get to your comment this weekend. I'm afraid I've run out of energy and need to rest. I'll try in the next few days, but can't make any promises.


Unknown said...

Hi Susan,

I've been silently reading your blog for a few months now and I wanted to drop you a line (from a short ferry ride away on the island) to let you know how useful and informative I find your blog. It's gotten me hooked on this fantastic new hobby, the biggest perk of it is that I no longer need to purchase store bought gifts for anyone. Every single recipe I have tried is wonderful and maybe soon I will venture out and start creating my own. I am sending good vibes your way and hope you feel better soon!


Mikhai said...

Hi Susan! You're correct! I believe the company used Olivem 1000 in this formulation.. But I think the most interesting ingredient here is the Emollient Coconut Alkanes.. I found a supplier and apparently what Goop exactly uses is the one from Grant Industries called Grant Vegelight 1214LC with an INCI name of Coconut Alkanes, Coco Caprylate/Caprate. I requested a sample already and I hope you can get it for your experiments as well. I think that this ingredient is gaining momentum as well... Especially since Marc Jacob's Coconut Primer is centered on this ingredient.


Belinda Karst said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you Susan! Hope you are up and pain free soon! I love what you do here with your blog and it really encourages me to branch out from the few things I love to make, mainly lotion and soap, and learn to make more of the products I use on a daily basis. thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and experience!


Anahit said...

Hi Susan, hope you recover swiftly - always enjoying your blog!
What REALLY puzzles me in the Goop's night cream, is the presumably weak preservatives that they use in this product and the open jar packaging! I wonder what is the shelf life for the cream?
I can imagine this kind of formula will be doing ok in an airless container, but jar??
Any thoughts on this issue? Anyone?

Baby Kat said...

Good to hear that you are doing well! Regarding Goopy... blarg. I cannot stand her! On the other hand, I find her mom Blythe Danner absolutely charming. She was hilarious on Will & Grace 😀

Hildie said...

Susan, I've been devouring your blog for years and I think the experimentation and help you offer is so fabulous and generous. Blessings to you and I'll keep you in my prayers!