Friday, March 25, 2016

Gratitude is an attitude, and other lovely cliches!

If I've learned anything in the last month or so, it's that gratititude is, in fact, an attitude. (I generally run away from cute rhyming things, but this one is valid!) I've always thought of myself as a gracious and grateful person, but Raymond and I feel we can work harder to show how much we appreciate other people.

And I appreciate it so much when you come back and share your experiences! Tricia shared her thoughts in this post, Chemistry of our nails: Lanolin:

Lanolin does indeed absorb and hold water-soluble ingredients. I've had good results with an anhydrous hand salve using 8% glycerin and 14% lanolin. These should be the first two ingredients measured into your beaker. Heat and stir well before adding the rest of your recipe. No separation, even if your salve goes through less-than-ideal temperature changes.

Great information! Thanks, Tricia!

I'm turning to you now, my amazing and most likely very lovely smelling readers, to encourage you to offer feedback on recipes you've made on the blog. I did this a few years ago, and it helped me figure out which recipes were the most popular so I could use them and modify them in my e-books. It also let me know what I should make for the blog for the future. It's helpful to get that feedback from you because something that works in my workshop might not in yours, and knowing that means I may have to do things a different way. If you can visit the recipe you made and offer your version or thoughts or anything that might encourage someone else to try it or not try it, I would be so grateful, and I know your fellow readers would appreciate it, too!

I'm working on another e-book now! Okay, I'm actually working on two of them but the bigger one, the ingredient encyclopedia, is taking forever as there's always one more ingredient I forgot for this section and one more category that's getting too long, so I don't have a completion date yet. The less difficult one is all about the new emulsifiers we're been using here at Point of Interest, like Ritamulse SCG, Aristoflex AVC, Lotionpro 165, and more!

This week off helped me figure out what to do next, so there's a bunch of things I have planned! Can't wait to unveil them for you!!!


Elizabeth said...

I live in the desert and do a lot of talking at work, so I have chapped lips a lot and most lip balm sort of just sits on top of my sore, rough lips. I've been wondering if adding a humectant like glycerin might help, but I saw elsewhere on the blog that you said that glycerin can be drying for some people in really arid climates, is this because it draws water from the skin if the air is extremely dry? Do you think making a lip balm with lanolin, glycerin, and then the usual suspects would make my dry lips worse?

Sabrina K. said...

Do you ever sleep?
I have one called "vegetable lanoline" from Europe (Oleic/Linoleic/Linolenic polyglycerides) that I used in a baby product and I found it quite difficult and sticky to work with, but the result on irritated skin was pretty amazing. I should look at my notes again and try it with lanoline.
I did not try any of your recipes yet since I just started reading your blog and trying to adjust to the tremendous amount of information here. Your generosity is amazing, one I recognize from working in helping others, are you a counsellor or something? Is my radar tuned in? I work for a helpline in crisis intervention...
And yes, you got me wanting to try those new emulsifiyers, you get them in BC? I am on the other end of Canada...

Belinda Romanuski said...

I love your blog posts. Can't wait for your twp new books.

Anna said...

Squeeee! Oooo, I'm looking forward to your next two e-books! I'm particularly looking forward to the ingredients e-book and am not-so secretly glad that it's getting bigger and bigger! ;-)

It sounds like your week off has really helped you to reboot and refocus. See? It's good to take time out to look after yourself. I'm going to sound ever so bossy and suggest you do it again sometime. So glad you're feeling better now. Yay!


PS. I so have to tell you, I had to verify I was not a robot by picking out all the photos of cookies. I chuckled and thought of you... ;-)

Terri Shafer said...

I don't know if this is possible, but it would be great to create the ingredients encyclopedia as a searchable database instead of an e-book. That way, you could add to it and update it over time. You could set up a donation entry mechanism through PayPal and only admit people who have donated to the site.

I realize this would involve a learning curve, but there is probably some kind of web framework for such a database, and it might turn out to be a worthwhile adventure that is more easily kept up-to-date than an e-book is.

Sarah said...

Susan, I would like to express to you my gratitude for your work, and generous spirit in sharing all this information free of charge. You are a wonderful person, the world is better for your presence. Thanks :D

Megan Johnson said...

Yay new books! Thank you for all the work you put into helping us make better stuff, Susan. Glad you're feeling better!

Bobbi Bojarzin said...

I'm looking forward to your two new E-books!! I'm obsessed with your blog posts and emulsifiers/surfactants so I look forward to them. Thank you Susan for all your hard work and efforts.

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Elizabeth! Take a look at the humectants section of the blog where I've written about this at length. If you include an occlusive, there are few concerns about it.

Hi Sabrina! I'm a big fan of sleep, and I hope I'm getting enough! I type very fast and my brain is always whirring away! If I don't keep busy, I get in trouble doing things like drawing on the walls or pulling up carpets! :-)
I'm a family counsellor, and used to be a child protection social worker. Crisis intervention is such a hard job. I'm the person you'd probably refer families to help out!
I'm getting emulsifiers from everywhere! I'm trying to note where I get them so people can find them and buy them! Windy Point in Alberta has Lotionpro 165 and Aristoflex AVC now!

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Belinda! Thank you for your kind words! I'm excited about the e-books, too!

Hi Bobbi! I'm getting a really bad emulsifier habit, worse than the surfactant one, which I thought impossible!

Hi Megan! Yay! I'm so glad you're getting excited! It gets my bum in gear to finish things!

Hi Anna! You're right! And I need someone to be bossy with me! You're hired!

It's funny that I took that week off because my whole life went ker-plooey and everything was shaken up. It has been a good thing, but I was not in a good place that week. With a little time to process, I've realized that it's exactly what I need. (Sorry for the cryptic, but it's not public knowledge yet. When I get word that it is, I'll post it here...)

Hi Terri! I would love to do something like that. I kinda have a way to do it here by searching or making lists, it might be possible to do a database. My husband is a programmer and data base administrator, so it's a possibility. Probably not in the very near future as I have a ton of things planned - see the previous paragraph - but it is possible!

It's been a really weird few weeks, but I have a ton of new things planned. Some are underway already! I'm so excited!!!

Erica Echternach said...

OMG OMG I can't wait for the ingredient book. You are truly a rock star.