Thursday, March 31, 2016

Emulsifiers: Sepiplus 400 - making an aqueous gel with active ingredients

On Tuesday, we met Sepiplus 400, an ingredient that can be used to make aqueous gels or cold process lotions! And yesterday we made a basic aqueous gel! Let's modify it slightly with a fun, new active ingredient.

Lotioncrafter is carrying an interesting ingredient called genistein. It's a phytoestrogen that behaves as an anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and collagen producer. It may be good for helping with cellulite, and it is has been shown to help with reducing the look of photoaging and redness from sun exposure. It has to be dissolved in a glycol - like propylene glycol - before adding to a water based or emulsified product.

I thought it would be neat to add this to an aqueous gel made with Sepiplus 400, so let's take a look at what I made!

92% distilled water
3.5% propylene glycol
3% Sepiplus 400
1% genistein
0.5% liquid Germall Plus

Weigh the propylene glycol and genistein into a container and mix well. In another container, weigh the distilled water and liquid Germall plus together. Mix. Add the propylene glycol and genistein into the water, and mix well. While running your mixing device, add the Sepiplus 400 and mix for about a minute more. You're done! Rejoice!

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bonnerauthor said...

Just made a half recipe of the Genistein and Aloe Lotion on the Lotioncrafter formulary. I made this using the 3.5% recommendation of the cold emulsifier Sepiplus 400.
Wow, instant gel, way beyond lotion territory. I had to add another 80 grams of liquid (remember making a half recipe) just to get it to pour from the beaker. I was using liquid aloe juice for about half the water part and all of the 80 grams. I had a snap cap bottle ready to go but still too thick so I used a jar. I like the product and think it might be great for a scrub. For a lotion, I cut it back to 2% and go from there.