Sunday, February 14, 2016

Weekend Wonderings: Heating & holding lotions, using lots of oils in a lotion, and perfume lockets

I notice there's been some controversy about whether we need to heat and hold our lotions, and here's my position on it: It works for me. I have been making lotions for 9 years - I can't believe it's been that long! - and in that time I have only had a few lotions fail or go bad on me*, even when I was a complete newbie. Yeah, I know it adds some time to making a lotion and it takes more time to reach the cool down phase, and I've read quite a bit lately that says that it's not doing much for killing nasty bugs that might be found in our ingredients, but it's a method that's worked to create an amazingly stable emulsion for me more times than I can count, and I trust that it is effective. I was taught by a cosmetic chemist I trust to follow this method every time I made a lotion, so I do.

If you choose not to heat and hold, don't. It's really up to you to make that decision.

To be honest, I'm writing this as I don't really want to get into debates about this topic at this time. It's not that I don't enjoy at good debate or that I'm closed to discussion, it's just that there are a ton of new things crying out for my attention, and those take precedence! My brain can only focus on so much at any one time these days! 

An aside, there are I've used two emulsifiers that are used cold. One is Sucragel AOF. The other? Why, you'll meet that one later this week!

For the curious: I had one Polawax recipe fail because I added water that was too cold. I had one Ritamulse fail because the oil phase was too high. I had one Montanov 68 go gross on me, which I attribute to not using enough preservative. And I've had Olivem 800 and 1000 fail on me because I hate those emulsifiers! (And yes, I plan to give them another try in the future...)  

Using tiny amounts of this oil and that oil is completely pointless in a lotion. To get the benefit of an oil, you want to use it at 5% to 10% at least. Making a lotion with 1% this and 2% that and 3% the other is kinda pointless. You want all the goodness that a larger amount can offer.

An aside: Can I offer my two cents as an English grad and writer? You may be using "myriad" incorrectly. It's used as such: "There were myriad dogs in my house, which makes me a lucky girl!" Not, "There were a myraid of dogs in my house". The "a" and "of" are wrong.  Here are a few examples: "There are myriad emulsifiers in my workshop." "I wish I had myriad toasters so I could make many Pop-Tarts at a time." And, "The number of sentences that one could use to demonstrate the usage of 'myriad' are myriad." Use it like you would a number. "There were seven dogs at my house," rather than "There were a seven of dogs at my house."

I know, I know, I'm a grammar nazi, language evolves, I'm an old, and so on. I've heard it all. I love the word "myriad", and I just wanted to share how it can be used so you can love it, too! I will never ever make fun of your grammar or writing on this blog! I'm offering this rant as a way of sharing my love of language, not to shame anyone! 

I wanted to share this lovely idea of a perfume locket with you! Make some solid perfume, pour it in, and you have a lovely scent that follows you everywhere you go! We made this a while ago in our youth programs, and they were a big hit! Just remember that any recipe you make cannot contain water, or the locket will rust!

Join me tomorrow for my new face & lash foaming cleanser!


Ruben said...

I understand you are very meticulous about grammar. But, you need to understand that for many of us English is not our first language. So I hope our grammar mistakes don’t make our comments unwelcome in your blog.

Baby Kat said...
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Baby Kat said...

I had just received some lockets that I bought online, wonderful timing ! Thanks 😀

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Everyone is welcome here! I would never chastise someone about grammar - okay, I have a few times, but these are people who know what they're writing is incorrect! - because I want everyone to feel they can share thoughts without fear! I was offering some suggestions on how to use one of my favourite words!

Baby Kat - let us know if you make these! It was such great fun to make them!

Elizabeth said...

I've seen lockets like these and ones that have lip balm but I was worried that body heat might be enough to melt them. Has this been a problem for you?

Erica Echternach said...

As a fellow grammar nazi, I applaud you! LOL A side note to's a whole other story if English is not the first language. Just knowing 2 languages is hard enough...never would I expect someone to speak perfectly if it isn't even their 1st language. I've tried to speak Spanish over and over again, as most of my friends are Hispanic. As they will tell you, I need to stick to being the nazi of the English language. 15 years later and I still can't speak Spanish. ;)

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Elizabeth! No, we haven't had that problem with the recipe I linked to in the post!