Sunday, November 29, 2015

Twenty-six days until Christmas? Wow!

Making and giving handmade presents for the holidays is an awesome way to show someone you care about them. That you've taken the time to consider what product they might like, what fragrances they love or hate, and how they might use them. With that in mind, here are a few considerations when you're making products as presents...

Start with a good recipe. There are so many recipes floating around, it's hard to know what's good and what's not. A good recipe will be measured by weight, not volume, so it's more accurate. A good lotion recipe contains oil, water, a proper emulsifier, and a preservative, for example.

Want to know more about that product you want to make? Check out the newbie section for information on what you should find in each product! 

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Please use weighted measurements. When we make bath and body products, we always do it by weight as it's more accurate than a cup of this or a tablespoon of that. It ensures that all the ratios are in order - we're using enough emulsifier, preservative, or fragrances - and that we are making the same product every single time.

When we go by volume, it's highly inaccurate. Did you use a heaped tablespoon? Is that shea butter measured before or after it's melted? When you measure by volume, you run the risk of an epic lotion fail, which is a waste of your time and money!

Weighing your ingredients is also less messy! You don't have to wash all those cups and spoons as we measure directly into the container. Now there's a great reason to get a scale!

Consider the container you are using. We don't recommend using anything glass around the bath tub as it could break and cause serious problems! I know those containers are adorable, but we want our giftees to be safe and happy with our products! There are loads of adorable plastic containers that'll work well for our bath oils and scrubs!

You should label everything! Let your giftees know what they are getting. Use proper names for things so they can look things up instead of generic terms like "surfactant" or "oil".

The name you see at the supplier is called the INCI name, and it is the correct name for your label. Having said that, you don't need to get into using the Latin for shea butter as it's obvious what that is on a label, but do get more specific for things like your preservative or surfactants. 

Plus, making labels really makes the product feel special! You can personalize each one for the giftee, and make up cute names for the product!

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