Friday, October 9, 2015

What are you thinking about making for Christmas?

I'm sure it seems a little early to be asking this question, but when you consider that you may need to factor in learning and shipping times, it'll be time for holidays before you know it! 

Please give yourself time and supplies to make a few batches of what you want to major and start small. Don't think you'll make a huge batch of lotions to give away the first time you try. As with everything good in life, it takes time and effort to get these things right. Start now and you may have something you're proud to share by December. 

So what're you making? Do you need tutorials on the product? (First step, check out the newbie section of the blog!) Need some ideas for suppliers have you? (Check out the suppliers' section of the FAQ!) Anything else? Let me know! 


Anne Rodriguez said...

Hi Susan,
First of all, I cannot thank you enough for all the knowlege I've got from you. Thank you!
I am Anne Rodrigues a curious dentist who make 'things' for fun. I've made a question in some of your old posts some time ago and ...cannot find it!!! So I will ask again: How can I make a
kind of mousse bodywash. I wanted it to be soft enough to be put on a pump flask, but hard enough for not run out of the bottle by itself.. Saw some of your formulas but some of the things I cannot find here in Brazil. I can get surfactants like Plantaren 2000 , Plantaren 1200, PEG 7, PEG 6000, Gliceryl cocoate, Hidroxietilcelulose - NATROSOL(250HHR), Sodium Lauryl Sulfoccinate (hope the translation is not too ridiculous). If you could make something nice out of these ingredients, I woud be very gratefull.
Greetings from Brazil, Anne

L. Keasey said...


I am new to blogging so pardon the blunders. Just came across your blog today and am thrilled I did. Thanks to several posts I was able to finally order my packaging for some of my products and am cautiously awaiting to receive said order. I am wondering if anyone remembers a lotion that the London, Ontario hospitals made for burn victims a long time ago, which had only 3 ingredients in it and was soo light and refreshing that anyone could use it and not be bothered about reactions to it. All I can remember is that it had rose water in it, had a faint pink colour to it and was whipped in huge batches in a hobart mixer from the hospital kitchens. The hospitals started selling off the lotion as a fund raiser for a few years and then I couldn't get anymore. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Srjnm said...

Hi Susan! I can't thank you enough for sharing all your knowledge! I've learned so much and have tried LOTS of your formulas.

For Christmas I want to make some hand lotions. So my question is about shelf life. I will use Germall Plus as my preservative. What is the typical shelf life of lotions? AND will refrigerating lotions (with preservatives) prolong the shelf life? Thanks for your help!

Charlyn K said...

Hello Susan! I suppose it's time I came out of hiding. I LOVE your blog - reading it all the way from Uganda :)

I'm a handmaker of organic small-batch goodies for Afro-textured hair and skin, and I have learnt tons from your blog. Thank you for all that you share.

For Christmas, I'll be making a deep conditioner for dry hair. I was about to make a "lotion" rather than REAL conditioner lol (with a positive charge), but thanks to you, I was put in the know! I made a tiny trial batch this past weekend, and it was really good!

Elizabeth said...

It's not bath and body, but I'm making homemade vanilla extract for most of my friends.

I will also be making my mom a big tub of lotion. She was one of the first people that I gave homemade lotion to and now she asks me for more every time she runs out. I also make a really thick body butter with coconut oil and cocoa butter that I don't add any scent to since it already smells delicious and my best friend is a big fan (she lives in the desert) so that is what she is getting.

Jennifer said...

Lots on my christmas gift list this year... liquid soap, lip balms, lotions... home made blackberry balsalmic glaze, dry spice rub for beef and pork, and soy candles. Did some infused vodkas last year that were a big hit so I might do that again. Christmas is the season to be homemade and crafty!!