Saturday, August 29, 2015

A few thoughts for the last Saturday in August...

If you have a very dark coloured oil, like sea buckthorn or unrefined hemp seed oil, test it out on your skin for a few days in the same spot before using it. Some paler skinned people might go a little orange when using these dark oils, and testing it before adding it to that wonderful creation may save you from looking like you abused the self-tanner!

Dark coloured oils will impact the colour of your product. When I made my first intense hair conditioner with sea buckthorn oil, we called it hair custard because it was so yellow! The colour had no impact on my hair, but it's something to think about!

And check out Ana's eye gel with cera bellina when you get a chance. It sounds so decadent!


Susanna Originals said...

The Sea Buckthorn you show in your picture isn't nearly as orange as the one I get from New I love the stuff for my face cream and it has taken about five tries to get enough in the formula to take advantage of its goodness but not enough to turn my winter white skin orange. Something that helps is using it with another carrier oil that really adsorbs well. Now I can slather it on at night and only have to wait five minutes to avoid staining my pillow. I giggle when I think about putting it into a shampoo for my white hair.

Jennifer said...

Susan, I have a few thoughts as well. I asked the question at the making cosmetics facebook page about ( in liquid soap making)did it mattered as to which potassium salt ( ie. which oil) really mattered beyond the physical properties ( lather, cleaning power, etc) since it is a wash off product. And no one really answered this. So, in a facial cleanser ( surfactant based) you always add lots of good things beyond the surfactants , even though this is a wash off product. What sort of evidence do we have that this does something and is worth the price of the additives? And if it does matter, would additives that you put into your surfactant based cleansers tolerate the 8.5 pH of my liquid hand soap? Thanks!