Sunday, July 12, 2015

Surfactants and fragrances...

I realize these posts are a real blast from the past - they're some of the first ones I wrote in 2009 - but I think it's worth a re-visit to learn more about how fragrance and essential oils will impact your surfactant blends, including shampoos, bubble baths, and body washes.

Fragrances and viscosity
Fragrances and clarity
Essential oils and surfactants

The things to note that is that fragrances can have quite an impact on your surfactant based product. They can thin it, thicken it, make it cloudy, make it clear, and so on. It's hard to predict what will happen without trying it, so make sure you keep really great notes. And make sure you make notes about where that fragrance came from as different companies may have different blends of the same fragrance!

Some will clear up over time - if you mix them too much, you'll get bubbles that can take days or even weeks to get out of your solution - but there's no real way to know other than getting in the workshop and trying it.

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