Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Modifying men's moisturizers!

Last Friday we created the pomegranate and witch hazel moisturizer for men's skin.  and yesterday we made a green tea & bamboo facial moisturizer. Let's modify the first moisturizer further from being a six ingredient moisturizer to one with some fancier ingredients. It's incredibly easy to go nuts adding things to a moisturizer, so I'll try to be a bit restrained (ha!)

The first thing I want to add to Friday's moisturizer is a humectant, something that will draw water from the atmosphere to our skin. I'm going to choose sodium lactate at 2.5% for this product because not only will it hydrate our skin, but it can increase skin's barrier repair mechanisms, decrease transepidermal water loss, increase skin's elasticity, and behave as a mild AHA or exfoliant. At 3% it can make us more sun sensitive, so I'll keep it below that at 2.5%.

I think I'll add some bamboo isoflavones to this product as I did yesterday- click there and scroll down a bit for more information - as they will behave like a water soluble silicone. If you don't have this, you could add 2% dimethicone into the cool down phase or use broccoli oil at some amount in the heated oil phase. (I hate broccoli with a passion, so I haven't tried this oil!)

Chamomile would be a great inclusion as reduces transepidermal water loss and helps with inflammation. You can use it as a powdered extract at 0.5% in the cool down phase, as a hydrosol at 10% or more in the heated water phase, or at up to 1% essential oil in the cool down phase. Because I don't want a smell and I don't want the colour from the powdered extract, I'll use 10% in the heated water phase.

Powdered honeysuckle extract sounds like it would be a great inclusion for a men's moisturizer as it soothes irritated skin and reduces redness. Let's add this at 0.5% in the cool down phase. Remember to hold back a titch of water - maybe 5 ml or so - to mix with the powder before adding to the lotion.

49% water
15% witch hazel
10% chamomile hydrosol
0.5% allantoin
3% lupine protein
2.5% sodium lactate

10% pomegranate oil
4% Incroquat BTMS-50

0.5% liquid Germall Plus
0.5% powdered honeysuckle extract
3% panthenol
2% bamboo isoflavones

Use the general lotion making instructions for this product. You could add a fragrance to this at 0.5% in the cool down phase, if you wish. Essential oils would be nice here, too. I don't fragrance my products for the face as neither me nor my husband like it, but you can, if you wish.

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