Thursday, June 11, 2015

Why did my lotion fail? Water in oil recipes

As I mentioned at the start of this series, the lotions we make are oil-in-water recipes, meaning that the oil is floating in globules inside the water phase. We can also make water-in-oil recipes, meaning that the water is floating in globules inside the oil phase. For these kinds of lotions, we require different emulsifiers.

*If you'd like to learn more about what makes an oil in water lotion or water in oil lotion what it is, check out this post - Chemistry Thursday: The Bancroft Rule

If you make a lotion with more than 50% oil phase, you may be making a water-in-oil recipe and that will require a different emulsifier. (If you want to make a lotion with beeswax and borax as the emulsifier, you will be making a water-in-oil lotion.) If you reduce the oil phase to 45%, you may be back in oil-in-water territory and your usual all-in-one emulsifiers will work well.

As I've never made a water-in-oil lotion - I find them very very greasy, which is saying a lot as I like my lotions greasy - I will refer you to the instructions below for more information!

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