Monday, March 2, 2015

Let's take another look at soy bean oil!

I'd like to talk to you for a few minutes about soy bean oil. It's not a sexy oil or one that's trending in beauty products, but it's one of the most inexpensive ones you can find and it's packed full of all kinds of neat stuff, like tocopherols (anti-oxidants), phytosterols, and isoflavones in addition to its awesome fatty acids, like linoleic acid.

The phytosterols in soy bean oil can help reduce inflammation and restore skin's barrier mechanisms. The isoflavones behave as anti-oxidants and help soften skin. And the linoleic acid helps restore barrier function and reduces scaling on your skin. This oil will offer your skin lots of lovely moisturizing and softening with some anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories as well. It has a shelf life of up to a year with a light and greasy feeling. I've seen it listed as being medium to high comedogenicity, but as I've said before, these scales aren't that accurate and you have to try things to see how your skin reacts.

All of this awesome for the low low price of $9 or so per litre (33 ounces)! Per litre! To put this in perspective, it's about $8 for 2 ounces/60 ml of evening primrose oil, $12 for 4 ounces/120 ml of meadowfoam seed oil, $12 for 2 ounces/60 ml of pomegranate oil, or $12 for 2 ounces/60 ml of sea buckthorn oil. Rice bran oil is around $15 per litre and sweet almond oil is about $14 per litre, so even within the range of carrier oils, it's still inexpensive.

Soy bean oil is oil soluble, so you can only use it in products that are oil soluble - anhydrous or non-water containing products like a facial serum, whipped butter, or lotion bar, to give a few examples - or in products that contain emulsifiers, like facial moisturizers, lotions, or hair conditioners. It's a fabulous addition to any product intended to moisturize and soften skin. I absolutely love it in my winter body butters because it can help speed up skin's barrier mechanism repair or this winter hand protectant lotion. I love it in this six ingredient lotion, and I think it's awesome in this emulsified sugar scrub! It would be fabulous in this make-up remover, and a great substitute for the rice bran oil in this hand lotion.

I love soy bean oil and have tried it in every product I make with oils. It is a little greasy feeling, so if you really hate that sensation, this oil probably isn't for you. If you like sunflower oil or pumpkin seed oil, you should like soy bean oil.

Want more ideas for products you could make with soy bean oil? Take a look at this one ingredient, ten products series on sunflower oil, and use soy bean oil in the place of sunflower oil in all of these products!

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jgordo03 said...

Hi Susan, I was wondering if you know of a anyone selling cosmetic grade soybean oil in the US? The only place I have been able to find that isn't Hydrogenated or flake form is Soapers Choice but the smallest amount I can get is 7 pounds and that is way more then I can use in a year..
As always thanks for your help.

B. said...

Hey Judi,

amazon has plenty of cosmetic grade soybean oil, so does bulkapothecary. Btw, what do you mean by cosmetic grade? Food grade oils from grocery store are perfectly fine for use in cosmetics.


milesawayfarm said...

I know you love it. I'm a soap maker. I don't use soy for two reasons. 1) unless its organic, its genetically modified. While the jury is still out on health issues with this (its possible there aren't any) the environmental costs of GMO are large, and so I choose not to use it. 2) in soap, it has a very short shelf life. If you have a high % of soy in your soap, your odds of your soap going rancid and showing DOS (Dreaded Orange Spots) are high. These two things keep me from formulating with soy. For skin loving benefits, I use grapeseed - which also has a short shelf life, but no GMO.


Nanette said...

I've had no trouble finding soybean oil from suppliers in the US. Wholesale Supplies Plus has a pound for $5.95 and there are quite a few other suppliers.

Nanette said...

I have heard of some people having reservations to soybean oil or any soy based products not only due to GMO but perceived estrogen receptors and breast cancer links. Everything I've read pretty much debunks this and it really refers to a high soy diet. Still, there are those who will steadfastly refuse anything to do with soy. Personally, I love it in emulsified scrubs.

jgordo03 said...

Thank you Birgit and Nanette. I'll take a look.

Kim said...

For some reason, I got away from using soybean oil for awhile in my lotions, using apricot oil instead, which is a very light oil and sinks right in. I just made a lotion with EcoMulse and decided to use soybean oil. Since it's the end of November I have to say that I am loving the change to soybean as it's slightly greasier feel is very soothing in cold weather. Paired with the silky feeling of EcoMulse and Brambleberry's Heavenly Honeysuckle fragrance, this is a great lotion! And of course, soybean oil is always my favorite in emulsified scrubs. I got mine from Voyageur.