Monday, December 29, 2014

Want to learn more chemistry?

If you want to know more about chemistry, I cannot suggest enough  that you hie thyself to your local retailer of books and pick up this gorgeous and giant tome, Molecules, by Theodore Grey, and his other book, Elements (which also comes in calendar form, something I also received for Christmas!). I was surprised to see how much chemistry was in the first few pages of the book. Yeah, I know, it's a book about molecules, what did I expect? But aren't books intended for the general public simplified? Apparently not! I didn't expect to be reading about orbitals!

If you want more chemistry, check the books by Joe Schwarcz. I didn't realize he had a new one out called Is that a Fact? He's a chemistry professor from McGill University in Canada - the Harvard of the North!* - who writes awesome books that are intended for the general public. If you've ever wanted to know about why pigs can find truffles and how explosives work, he's the writer for you!

To quote Lisa Simpson: "The something of the something isn't really the anything of the anything." (From the episode Moneybart.) I disagree with her as McGill is awesome, but I thought I'd throw in this quote anyway! 

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