Thursday, September 11, 2014

One ingredient, five products: Gels - making eye gels

I love making eye gels because they offer such great qualities for what I think is pretty low effort. It's such a simple process: Weigh the gel, add the extracts, mix, package, and rejoice! How much easier could that be? The first part of the process is to make the gel. (Visit this post to see the process!) The second step is to choose your extracts, which is what we'll do now!

We took a look at date palm extract yesterday as I thought it'd be a great inclusion in my eye gel today. It's water soluble, so let's add it at 5% in this gel. I'm also adding a new ingredient I'm loving called yerba santa glycoprotein. Oh, this might be a great place to include a new ingredient I have called eyebright!

Yerba santa glycoprotein* (INCI: Lactobacillus/Eriodictyon Californicum Ferment Extract) is the extract of the yerba santa plant, which is found in California, Oregon, and Northern Mexico. It is a water soluble extract used at 1% to 5% to offer moisturizing and hydrating to our skin. It contains polysaccharides, like aloe vera, that moisturize our skin. It contains glycoproteins that also help with moisturizing our skin. I've seen versions that contain tannins, so this might be an astringent extract, too. It has been used traditionally for respiratory ailments and as a cough medicine. It apparently has a nice flavour, but I'm not trying it to find out!

Why use this in an eye gel? Because I want to moisturize around and under my eyes! I'm going to use this at 5% as that's within the suggested usage rates.

I think I'll use some eyebright as well. What's up with this extract? Eyebright* (INCI: Oryza Sativa (Rice) Extract & Water & Euphrasia Officinalis Extract) comes in two forms - an oil soluble and water soluble, and I'm using the water soluble in this product. Eyebright is supposed to be good for sensitive skin, and offers anti-inflammatory, astringent, and soothing properties to our products. It's supposed to be good for puffy eyes, which sounds like a perfect match for an eye gel! (Click here for a data bulletin on eyebright.) Eyebright is used in traditional medicine for swelling around the eyes, eyestrain, and inflammation related to coughs and fever (Wikipedia).

What else could we use in this product? We have ingredients that work for inflammation and hydration, with another ingredient that might be good for fine lines and hydration. What else do we need? We could include an ingredient for dark circles - as I did in this version  - or we could use a water soluble oil for moisturizing - as I did in this version - but I think I'll leave this as it is so I can see what each ingredient brings to the mix!

85% pre-made gel
5% yerba santa glycoprotein
5% date palm extracxt
5% organic eye bright

Weigh gel, then add the extracts. Mix well. Store in a small, sealed container. As a note, you really should make a smaller batch than 100% as this will make quite a lot. I'm going to suggest that you divide this batch by 5 to make a batch that totals 20 grams. So you'd have 17% gel and 1% of the other things!

What do you do if you don't have these ingredients? Play with what you have! Think about ingredients you could use that do what you want! What else could offer moisturizing without oils? What else would be hydrating? Could you use some film forming from proteins or anti-inflammatory properties from extracts like chamomile? What do you want in your eye gel? Get into your workshop and play! I encourage you to check out the posts below if you want more ideas on how to make an eye gel you'll love!

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*As I've noted before, Formulator Sample Shop has sent me a whack of extracts to try for free. I do not receive any compensation for using them, and I have made it really clear that I will share my honest opinion on the ingredients with you, my wonderful readers. Unless otherwise indicated, I buy all my ingredients with my wages from work. 


Sânziene şi Mătrăgună said...

Why not some lovely coffeine and some cucumber extract? Beta glucan would be my 3rd choice and some peptides too!

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Sanziene! Those sound like great choices! I have used those ingredients before, so I was trying to choose other things in this recipe. I'm trying hard to get out of my comfort zone and use different ingredients than the ones I usually like!

Lisa Reidzans Schmock said...

Hehe, I just found out how to mark the posts to email me follow up comments so I'm reposting.

OK, so I could make the pre-made gel using Sodium Carbomer - Preneutralized Carbomer at 85%, then just add in the extras, awesome. Thank you so much again for all the hard work to provide us with all the information you do!

Emma Heywood said...

Hi there, I have an alcohol based Eyebright tincture, would that cause problems to the gel and cause thinning? Thank you very much for such a great site!