Sunday, August 31, 2014

Weekend Wonderings: When removing or adding an oil soluble ingredient, what do we replace?

In this post, We're back from holidays, Lisa asks: When I want to add IPM to a recipe at 2%, what item in the recipe do I reduce by 2%? And when I have a question about a particular recipe of yours, do I post the question on the recipe post? Not sure how often you see the old posts questions. Thanks in advance if you can answer me ;)

There's no such thing as an old post. I get email information when someone posts on anything. I would prefer the question on the recipe so others will see it when they visit that post, if possible. If you could post on a related topic, it would be greatly appreciated!

If you are adding something oil soluble, you would remove something oil soluble. If you are adding 2% IPM, you would reduce another oil by 2%. So if you have an oil phase that contains something like 20% oil and 5% emulsifier, you would now have 18% oil, 5% emulsifier, and 2% IPM. This is the way to keep the right amount of emulsifier.

If you are adding something water soluble, you would remove something water soluble, generally the water. So if you have 60% distilled water in a recipe, and want to add 10% chamomile to it, you would remove the same amount of water. The water phase would be 50% water, 10% chamomile.

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