Wednesday, August 20, 2014

One ingredient, five products: Cucumber extract in an apres shaving spray (part two)

Yesterday we took a look at the ingredients we could use in an apres shaving spray made from minimally processed ingredients, so it's about darned time we wrote up a recipe for this product!

58% distilled water
20% witch hazel
10% peppermint hydrosol
2% sodium PCA
2% hydrolyzed silk protein

5% liquid cucumber extract or 0.5% powdered extract (add 4.5% distilled water)
1% liquid panthenol
0.5% honeysuckle extract
0.5% chamomile extract
1% Germaben II

Weigh the heated water phase into a heat proof container and place in a double boiler. Weigh the container with ingredients so you can compensate for water loss at the end of the process. Heat until it reaches 70˚C, then hold for 20 minutes. Remove from the heat, weigh the container and ingredients again, and add enough water to make it up to the original weight.

Allow the ingredients to cool down to 45˚C, then add the cool down ingredients. Stir well. Allow to cool to room temperature, then bottle. I like to use spray bottles, but you can use any bottle with a disc cap or other closure.

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One of the things we didn't really address yesterday is the usage of preservatives. You know that when you have a product that contains water, you need a preservative. In this case, I'm using Germaben II, which is a change from my usual favourite, liquid Germall Plus. I'm switching because I'm using quite a few botanical ingredients in this product, and botanicals can be hard to preserve. I figure that it's better to be safe than mouldy, so I'm choosing to change preservatives to ensure my product is safe for the people I love. Any preservative for water soluble products is suitable here, but I encourage you to use it at the upper limits.

What do I think about it? I really like this apres shaving spray. It feels slightly cool and soothing upon application, and continues to feel moisturizing for quite some time without feeling sticky or oily. It doesn't sting open cuts, but it doesn't stop bleeding, either. I've been using it as a facial toner, too.

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Join me tomorrow as we take a look at modifying some of the ingredients!


Anonymous said...

I'm slowly getting into different types of body sprays/splashes/coolers etc. One of my suppliers had a powdered peppermint extract, which I'm going to play with during the weekend. I thought I'd put it in a foot cream too, and maybe in a melt&pour type of exfoliant foot soap with pumice and extra cocoa butter. Any thoughts about safe usage levels with powdered extracts? Which ones to be careful with etc.

Love and best wishes, Elisabeth

Honey Lady said...

Susan, I think you just came up for the new name for this blog, not to mention your mantra !


Well done!