Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Foaming bath butter: Let's make a white chocolate foaming bath butter sugar scrub!

Yesterday we got acquainted with foaming bath butter, that pasty surfactant mix that we can whip into a lovely frothy mixture to which we can add various exfoliants, like sugar, colours, oils, and fragrances to make a great foamy and lathery body scrub. Let's take a look at making one now.

I decided to keep my first one pretty basic.

90% foaming bath butter
7% evening primrose oil
3% white chocolate fragrance oil (From Voyageur Soap & Candle)

I whipped the foaming bath butter with my mixer with the whisk attachment. When it seemed like it had grown in size, I added the evening primrose oil and white chocolate fragrance oil. I then added 50% sugar - meaning I added 50 grams to this mixture - and whipped it further. But note this!!! Your sugar will dissolve over time, so you'll want to add more than you think you need. I added another 50 grams of sugar to the product two days later to make sure it was scrubby enough.

I was happy with this mixture. I thought it felt really nice and moisturized. If you have dry skin, you might want to consider going as high as the 12.5% oil in this product. I have oily skin, and I found it was a good level for me.

Why did I use so much fragrance? Because I couldn't smell it when I used 2%, plus I added 50% sugar to the mix, meaning that I could add some more fragrance to the product. I really like the chocolate-y awesomeness wafting from the container!

Could you use another exfoliant for this product? Sure, why not? Join me later this week when we make a few things with other exfoliants!

As an update on this recipe: I found that some of the sugar dissolved in the scrub, which made it a bit sticky. I still like it, but I'm trying it with another physical exfoliant to see what happens!

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Natacha said...

Hi there,
Just found your blog online and it is awesome! :D
Could you please let me know the number of this recipe in grams?
Would 90% mean 90 grams of foaming bath butter? then you add 100 grams of sugar to the recipe?

I am rubbish with maths ahah

Thanks in advance!


MK said...

Hey Susan!
It's so cool that you're playing with this product !
I wonder if you could put some in a jar and report back to us in two weeks. I've noticed that when I use over 2% in additional oils! they 'leak' out of the mix and will actually seep out of the jars a bit...
Also, Brambleberry has a recipe where they add clay, but no additional preservative, do you think this is problematic?

Amy said...

I found when adding 5% of apricot kernel oil to this, it tends to seep out of the product over time, very tricky to get a good balance between moisturising and too much oil.

Ann said...

I got some of this and had a go as I am forever searching for the perfect scrub. I used 5% oils and tried it with watermelon seed. It came out great with none if the oil seeping out, out, but wasn't quite moisturizing enough. I made another batch with sweet almond and had the same problem with it seeping out over the next few days. This product certainly seems to be a bit fussy about what oils you use and for me seems it work better with some oils to others.

IamErica said...

Hi Susan,

I have all of the ingredients to make the foaming bath base. Did you ever post a recipe for this? If not would you be willing to do so?

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi IamErica! I didn't make the FBB; I bought it. I have created a recipe that might be a little like FBB - check out the post here - but it's not as fluffy. You can try making that one!

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan
I used your recipe at Christmas for gifts. I put the scrub in bail jars and decorated the jars with ribbon and bows. I added a preservative out of an abundance of caution even though the supplier told me I didn't need to add one as the FBB was fine on its own.
I used grapefruit and geranium EO for scent. I have also made one with lavender EO.
Everyone loved it - especially me!!
Happy New Year
- Beth D.