Saturday, June 28, 2014

Quck note to avoid Sea Buckthorn Insider

A website called Sea Buckthorn Insider has stolen my writing, and have it on their website. They did not ask permission, and they are not responding to my requests to remove it. I am not affiliated with them in any way, and I would encourage you, my wonderful readers, to buy your sea buckthorn oil from a more scrupulous supplier. I wouldn't trust the information on that site either - they have someone claiming that a lump in their breast went away after using sea buckthorn oil, which is against the rules of marketing a cosmetic ingredient

I need to make this very very clear - I am in no way affiliated with this site. 

Update: They have removed my work after wondering why I didn't contact them instead of posting this on the blog. I did contact them a few times, and I posted quite a few comments, none of which were posted. It turns out my work was used by another sea buckthorn oil site, but they've taken it down. 


Carol Harvey said...

That is horrible! I don't understand why some people steal other person's work. I really don't

Hélianthe von wasmachtHeli com said...

You probably already checked this, but they are registered with Godaddy. You may contact and see if that helps. Might be worth a try.

Tanya Murray said...

Do they have a facebook presence? Happy to leave negative feedback for them there