Saturday, February 1, 2014

Weekend Wonderings: Texture and feeling of whipped mango butter?

In this post Formulating with mango butter, Lisa asks: I made this whipped mango butter, as described here using Shea for my second soft butter, and it turned out very stiff. I like a rich cream (I usually use shea) but this was very hard. I'm wondering if I whipped for too long? I whipped until it was the texture of cold butter..

Mango butter has a dry crumbly feeling that will translate into a whipped butter product as a dry, stiff, crumbly feeling more like whipped butter that has to be removed with a fingernail instead of a smooth feeling that can be removed with fingers. Depending upon how much you use, you will get more of a crumbly or stiff texture than a smooth texture. Try reducing the mango butter to see if you like it, or re-melt this and add more shea or liquid oil to the mix.

If you want to know how the product will feel when whipped, consider your butter when at room temperature. Cocoa butter is very stiff and rigid, and will feel the same even when whipped. Mango butter is dry feeling and crumbly and will feel that way when whipped. Shea butter can be quite crumbly and dry feeling when it is unrefined or less refined and greasier and slicker when refined or ultra refined. Get to know the skin feel of your oils and butters and you can kind of predict the finished product. (Check out the posts on this topic in the newbie section of the blog!)

And yes, I said you could re-melt it and whip it again! Anhydrous products can be re-melted and cooled again if we aren't completely pleased with the final product. (We can't reheat water based products because we could compromise the integrity of the preservative. We don't need to use preservatives in non-water containing products!) You don't need to heat it to boiling - melting it enough to be able to whip it will be enough!

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