Monday, January 6, 2014

I'd love to hear from you!

I'm back to work tomorrow (Tuesday), and I feel a bit like Roy Baty, the Nexus 7 replicant in Blade Runner. I want more! Good thing I love my job, eh? So I'm trying to get organized for blog stuff as I have less free time! 

I'm absolutely loving the inspiration I'm getting from you from the What do you want to know thread, so I thought I'd put a few links here to some posts that need your input! Please visit the post to make your suggestions as it makes it much easier to find your comments when I want some inspiration!

Why the heck did I buy this and what can I do with it? post
If you have an ingredient you bought but have no idea about, let me know! Please make sure you include the INCI name for the ingredient if it isn't in the name and an URL to somewhere I might be able to buy it or get more information. I really can't do much without that information!

I am working my way through the comments, but I'm waiting shipments of things and other things that I have to test, so I'm asking for more ideas so I always have a backlog of things to do in the workshop! It simply wouldn't do to just make things I might need...ha! 

What do you want to know? post
Do you have a question you would love to have answered? It can be about an ingredient, a product, a concept - anything! I can't guarantee I can answer it, but we can certainly have fun finding out!

Any suggestions from the newbies as to what we could work on next for Newbie Tuesday? We've covered quite a few products from lotions to body butters to creams and anhydrous products like whipped butters and lotions and hair care products, like conditioners. I have tried working on shampoo, but it's just too hard considering there are so many choices for surfactants. (Click here for a listing of the projects as well as some helpful links for newbies!)

Anything else? Comment here!


Keisha said...

Hi There,

2 questions:

1) What would be a example of a lotion/cream recipe that would allow stearic acid and triethanamoline to work as an emulsifier. I fell in love with this glossy creamy consistency and trying to get close to it...,en_US,pd.html#q=ro%2520argan&start=1

2) What do you think about Peach Kernel Oil? I love it so far, but curious if you have any history with it?

Anonymous said...

I made a body milk, here is the recipe and what i found about it.
85% water, 3% glycerin, 2% hydrolized collagen,10% pumpkin seed oil, 5% ewax,2% dimeticone, Vit. E, preservative EO. The first day was very thin, second a little thicker, third it had a pretty good consistency, i liked over all and it had a dry feeling after dried on skin. I use on my kids body and face after shower, next i will try with sweet almond oil. I haven't really made body lotion, only hair products. Can't wait to make CP soap just got my package tuesday.
Thanks Susan,

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan
I just bought some carrot extract from Bramble Berry to use in a facial cream. Would this extract be beneficial in hair products?
I love the sounds of the Hair Custard recipe you posted. Can't wait for my Incroquat CR to arrive so I can make it.

Latoinne Lawrence said...

Trying to make a body butter type lotion, but I keep failing, time after time! The following are my ingredients: Distilled water, cupuacu butter, monoi butter, coconut oil, rice bran oil, emulsifying wax, cetyl alcohol, goat milk powder, silk amino acids, honeyquat, ophenium, potassium sorbate, & fragrance. I feels great, but when I rub it on my skin, it has that thick, dry look and feeling, it's stark white & I have to rub hard for it to disappear into my skin, only for it to feel immediately dry. I use 70% water, 7% butters & oils, 2% goat milk powder, 7% emulsifying wax, 5% cetyl alcohol & the rest to make up 100%. What I can do to make my body butter have a silkier, greasier, melts into your skin but still see some shine with the ingredients listed above only?

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Keisha! I don't have any recipes like that on the blog and, to be really honest, it's not a combination I really want to try. (Hope that wasn't too blunt, but there are just so many things on my to-do list these days!) Check out what Lotioncrafter has to say about the topic, and check out this formula and see if you can modify it.

As for peach kernel oil, I'm sorry but I haven't tried it. I don't know where to get it. Where did you get your bottle?

Hi Rosi! Sounds lovely! Congratulations on making a lotion! How are you loving it now? And how did the CP soap go? That's on my list for the year! (I know, it's on my list every year...)

Hi Latoinne! What do you think you could change in the product? What is the skin feel of each of those oils? If you know the skin feel of each of those butters and oils, you can figure out what is causing the dry feeling and the draggy feeling. My suggestion is to take each oil and butter and try it on your skin. Figure out which is feeling draggy and which is feeling dry and reduce those. Increase the ones that feel silky and greasier.

Yeah, I know, that's probably not the answer you wanted from me, but it is the one that will get you the most information and the most satisfying results. If you want to post your recipe after you've done a little playing with the ingredients, I'll be happy to help you tweak it a little!

Sarah J. said...

Hi Susan! I have been using refined oils in my lotions (for both face and body) and I had no problems with them, they work pretty good for me. I came across an article through that said refined oils are not good for lotion making. Is this information correct? I used pure but refined olive oil, grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil. Are they safe to use? I also make myself a grapeseed oil sugar scrub and it has worked so well for me, even if is refined. What are your thoughts on the safety of using refined oils in such products?

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Sara. I can say that I have never heard this before and think it's just someone's opinion. Can you send me the link for where you found this? And check out today's Weekend Wonderings for a longer explanation of my answer! Thanks for a good question!

Miri Pardo said...

Hi Susan!

I only do anhydrous lotions and I'd love you to revisit them. Here is the challenge (because I know you love a challenge!): I want to make an anhydrous butter that is soft enough to put in a Malibu bottle. I'm getting close with raw whipped Shea and grapeseed or sunflower (or a mix) oils, but want something less...raw.



Anonymous said...

Hi Susan!

I'd like to learn more about the chemistry of essential oils, why some scents work well paired with others (or multiple combinations). I'd also like to understand what amounts to use… and what should be used for face products vs body products. Many thanks, RenĂ©

Sherry D said...

Not sure if it's a whole different beast from body products, but I REALLY want to try making makeup! Does it require special equipment? I wasn't sure if making makeup really interested you or not; I just find that my favorite liquid foundations always have an issue: lavender extract in an otherwise awesome formula, or fragrance that gives me a killer headache. On top of that, every single recipe online just says to mix your mineral foundation with your moisturizer. Which is really just a tinted moisturizer... I'd also like to figure out if I can make something without having to spend 60 bucks on a 1 oz bottle. Maybe I can't find any resources anywhere because it's only something that can be created commercially?

But, I am just so excited about making my first lotion(s) and to make them perfect for my skin. I can't wait to try. Need to buckle down and settle on a recipe so I can buy the ingredients I need. :D

Rachel said...

What emulsifier should I use to incorporate a small amount of liquid into a balm? The reason I ask is that I have a great recipe for a healing balm (beeswax & oils) but would love to add MSM to it. I'm thinking 10% MSM dissolved in a small amount of water. Would cetearyl alcohol do the trick or maybe Polysorbate 80? or could I use Lanolin? I'm just not sure where to start with working out what amount of emulsifier to use - everything I read just talks about the amount needed when making a lotion. Obviously a preservative would be required as well. Thanks.

cest cheese said...

Hi, Thanks so much for all the great info!
What do you know about drying/dehydrating/freeze-drying a plant substance to powder form without buying a very expensive commercial freeze-dry machine?
Would dehydrating it and then grinding it to powder work? What about adding a preservative?


Anahit said...

Hi Susan, I am a newby to this blog. I have been reading some of your posts on oil penetration, and now I am utterly confused: it looks like most of the oils don't go too deep into the skin, right? If this is true, then how the massage aromatherapy works? Or in other words, does it make any sense to be adding essential oils to our cosmetic creations, if the oils just stay on the serfice? Would like some clarification on this topic

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Miri. You could make something in a bottle by using a bit of beeswax - say start at 5% - and creating a gel. You aren't going to make anything that really looks like a lotion without water, but you could try by using the wax or a butter or even some thickeners like cetyl alcohol or stearic acid. Use it at low levels - try 3% to 5% to start with each product. (I'm afraid this isn't something I'm going to be able to try for a very long while as I have a list a mile and a half long of things to make!) Let us know how it turns out!

Hi Rene. Have you taken a look at the essential oils section of the blog? I have an extensive review of the chemicals found in essential oils, and some profiles of some oils, and I think you could extrapolate which ones will mix with others by reading that section. I'm not an expert on this topic, so that's really the best I can offer...

Hi Sherry D. Have you visited the Mineral make-up section of the blog?

Hi Rachel. Why not make a lotion with the ingredients in the balm? It's just too much work to incorporate a small amount of water into an oil based product, and so much easier to make a lotion. If you must make a balm, you could try using lanolin or lecithin as the base of the product (but that's going to change the feel of the product, so I'm leaning towards turning this into a lotion).

Hi cest cheese. I don't know anything about how to make those things, and I wouldn't trust doing something like this at home, to be honest. There are just too many things that can go wrong...

Hi Anahit. What is the benefit in having essential oils penetrate your skin? What do you think they would do? Why would penetrating be better than being applied to the skin?

Kim said...

Could you do a post on liposomes (the chemistry, benefits, how far they penetrate, etc.) Here is a link to FSS liposomes ( Could you post