Tuesday, December 24, 2013

What do you want to know? How to dissolve powdered extracts?

In the What do you want to know? post, Lynae asks: I also have a question about powdered extracts, like the chamomile you show. Do you add them by weight as well, or do you dissolve them in some water? I used some calendula that ended up making my lotion gritty and want to avoid that.

For powdered extracts, I like to dissolve them in a titch of water before adding them in the cool down phase to avoid that grittiness. I tend to remove 5 grams to 10 grams of water from the heated water phase and I'll dissolve the extract in that warmed water before adding it. I find when I add it directly into the cool down phase of a lotion or cream, it can get gritty, which is what you experienced!

I go into more detail about using powdered extracts and hydrosols in this post Using extracts, hydrosols, and other botanical ingredients, which can be found in the extracts section of the blog


Allison S said...

Great post! I have commented once or twice before, but due to time constraints haven't been here in a bit. Everything is new (appearance)! Is anyone else having trouble navigating? I tried to do a basic search regarding what percentage of an item to add to my recipe (which I used to be able to find several articles on the subject) and I simply cannot find any search results. Am I doing something wrong?

Danuta Kildan said...

I had read this post some time ago, and I use green tea extract with a great success, thanks to you Susan :)

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Allison. I've written about this extensively on the blog...The search function is not working for some people. It was working for me up until a few days ago. The altered appearance of the blog is my attempt to get it working again, but it is something on Google's end and I can't do anything about it.

Valerie Tinga said...

Allison, I am having the same trouble with the search bar to the left - it just refreshes the page already on.
BUT i did find the search bar on very top left corner by the Google blogger logo and that is working for me. Hopefully this helps you.

Valerie Tinga said...

Correction, I meant having trouble with search bar to the RIGHT (my other left, lol)