Monday, December 16, 2013

A reminder about commenting on the What do you want to know? post

I'm still working through the What do you want to know comments, and they're generating a ton of new ideas for posts I can write for the blog. This is a great way to let me know what interests you and what recipes I can create for the new year. So far I've written a series of posts on the oil cleansing method and I've got a ton of ideas for light feeling lotions or body milks. So keep the suggestions coming!

I've put a picture of my dog eating her Christmas Opus doll here because it's adorable. I'm sure there's some deeper meaning, but I really did pick it because she's so cute! 


Aljonor said...
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Aljonor said...

Hi Susan:

I love your website. I do have a question. I have been experimenting with Stearamidopropyl dimethylamine in my shampoo. I really like my hair when I use this ingredient in shampoo only. But every time I tried to blend it, it eventually separates. I have asked the retailers with help and surprising no one has contacted me. I have read something about it needing to be neutralize, but don't know what that means. I have yet successful made a blended shampoo. Even when I use it as a conditioner it eventually separates. Do you have any information on how to work with the ingredient? Any assistance with help. thank you

Krista Cintron said...

Hi Susan, I have the same question as this commenter. I searched the blog, but found nothing. I'm really interested in working with it, but there's nothing in the e-book I have of yours on hair, nor the blog. What's the best way to work with Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine?