Friday, November 8, 2013

Fragrances - weather and seasonal changes?

Never underestimate the power of fragrance! I know there are certain things that remind me of the smell of the perm solution in the hair dressing shop in the mall that closed when I was maybe 6 years old and other things that make me want to take on the world. Those of us who fragrance our lotions know the product can take on a whole new life when we add just a titch of something fragrant, and I want to know about what you like!

As some of us move into winter and others move into summer, are you switching your fragrances? Are there holiday related ones that you prefer for this time of year? We've seen the over abundance of pumpkin spice related things - do you have a Christmas or Hanukkah smell? It's Diwali right now - are there fragrances you associate with that holiday?

I bring this up because it's the time of year that I get into nutmeg and all spice and cinnamon and want to smell like my our delicious Christmas fruit cake (which is awesome, not hard and crumbly like the horrible ones you've had in the past). I want to smell like egg nog and mint. I'm changing my fragrances to be more winter-y and I'd love to hear what reminds you of the changing season!

In the posts below, I'd love to hear about your favourite (up to) three fragrances you love for the season in which we're in and which ones you love for the upcoming one! I'd especially love to hear from readers in the Southern Hemisphere and those who have non-Christmas holidays! Let's make it interesting - I'll choose a post at random to win a choice of e-books to be drawn November 21st, so you have lots of time to participate!


Deirdre Garza said...

Hi Susan, in the past few weeks I've been using a few new (to me) fragrances from Voyageur in my soaps, lotions and potions. My favourite Christmasy scents are Sleigh Ride (smells like apple cider to me), Bayberry (traditional evergreen Christmas scent) and Tahitian Vanilla (wonderfully sweet with a twist). But I've also wanted something bright as well, and I've scented my current conditioner, lotion and CP soap with Bonsai & Citris Ginger. I really, really love that fragrance! Cheers!

ali said...

hello! i recently started reading your blog, and i really appreciate the effort you take to share all of this knowledge with us.

i love floral and fruity fragrances, and my favorites are mango, jasmine, and lavender. i've never really thought about seasonal changes to my fragrance, maybe because i live in almost season-less socal, but i do love to smell warm, spicy fragrances in the fall/winter. it's mainly my tea selection that changes: more ginger, chai spices, and peppermint.

ali :)

Lucy Townsend said...

I do love pine, rosemary and lime, and juniper
like a blast of fresh air. I also love jasmine and black pepper, to give me some va va voom!

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,

Its warming up for a hot Christmas season in Sydney, Australia. My fav fragrances are those which make me feel refreshed. I like grapefruit, lime and spearmint. Yum! Come winter i like softer fragrances like lavender.

Holiday Cheers,


Rachel NZ said...

Hello Susan! For me it has to be 'coconut & lime' because it just such a summery scent and for us in New Zealand Christmas means long hot days at the beach with family & friends (and kind of reminds me of the coconut oil we used to slather on ourselves years ago - yikes!) We love a warm Christmas - strange concept I know!! Camphor is also a favourite as it reminds me of my grandmother's camphorwood chest that we were never allowed to rummage through (but desperately wanted to) as kids. When she did open it... ahhhh that smell. Also anything floral as everything in my garden is in full bloom - heavenly.
Kind regards

Anonymous said...

For the warmer months of Spring/Summer, I've been drawn to floral scents like lavender and rose.

I'm already planning my Christmas gifts, and scent is going to be playing a large role in the things I make. I'm planning to use peppermint and two awesome Brambleberry FOs called Pumpkin Lager (I'm making a CP beer soap for my step-father that will actually look like beer) and Oatmeal Stout. And I have a conditioner planned for myself using BB's Dragon's Blood Cybilla. The DBC affects me like catnip for a cat!

All year long I love citrus. I have a list of people clamoring for more of my Lemon Cake soap, which I scent with a trio of essential oils.

Mmmm, now I have the urge to go sniff my oils!

Katie Z

Milla said...

I think I tend to go with vanilla types for the winter season. I love Tahitian Vanilla right now also Pink Sugar for my hair products. In the summer I enjoyed Satsuma and Sweet Pea.

Meghan C. said...

I live in Northern Ontario where the climate is super changeable. In the summer it goes up it +40c (with humidity) and in the winter it goes down to -40C (with windchill). I've noticed that in summer I like citrus and florals, scents I would consider 'light'. Right now as it comes into winter (already below zero most days!) I'm into cocoa, coffee and bourbon vanilla, scents I would consider 'rich' and 'warm'. Year round I am a huge fan of earthy, woody scents like patchouli, vertiver, sandalwood, agar wood, oak moss and rosewood.

Heela said...

I feel like the odd man out because I never even thought to change fragrances based on the seasons. I find it so hard to find any scent that doesn't give me a headache, so when I find something, I stick to it. Love Shea Coconut, Vanilla Verbena, and good ole Peppermint.

Katherine Chiu said...

Hi, Susan,

In the Pine Tree state of Maine, I love using Brambleberry's Santa's Spruce, "a glorious blend of sugar and blue spruce". Citrus fragrances like Brambleberry's Earl Grey Lemon always help fight winter depression, as does their warm and cozy Honey Beeswax.

~Kathy Q

Mychelle said...

I love warm, spicy scents in the Fall, vanilla and cinnamon and baked goods. In the winter I love a little mint and vanilla or a warm citrus. Now I'm hungry. :)

Unknown said...

Ok this is probably a bit late. I would say the mingled smell of cardamom and coconut.
Even a slight waft of cardamom and coconut reminds me of Diwali Every time, regardless of the time of the year!

Kim said...

Hi Susan,
I'm "down-under" in Sydney and am leaving the winter (not much this year) and going full pelt into summer.
I love vanilla and dark chocolate (chocolate decadence from Save on Scents) for winter and now I'm moving on to a more citrus/slightly floral fragrance with floral aldehyde (also from SOS. This gives a fragrance an incredible crispness and citrus freshness.
For the holidays by the beach I just can't go past lime & coconut - the coconut always reminds me of summer school holidays with lashings of sun-tan cream.
Have fun with all your Christmas preparations.
Kim :)

Danica said...

I always change fragrances with the seasons.
Fall is awesome and my favorite- Cinnamon, Pumpkin and just warm scents.

For Christmas- nothing beats Christmas Memories FO from Natures Garden. I use it all year round. It's everything a Christmas scent should be.

Anonymous said...

So . . .who won the e-book? :-D

Katie Z

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Katie Z! It's you! Email me at and tell me which e-book you want!

In case anyone's interested, I used my dice bag app and rolled a 20 sided die to generate a number between 1 and 20. It came up with 6. If you count down from the top of the page, that 6 was you!

(What? I'm a geek! You knew this!)

Ginger said...


I really enjo your blog. I am on a bit of information overload though. I've looked and used the search bar for your take on beer soaps. Are they good for you, does the beer actually bring anything to the soap or is it all just a wasted effort?

Any info is appreciated.

Keep up the informations and I will keep looking through your very lovely blog posts!


Gi ger

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Ginger! I don't make soap, so I can't help you! May I suggest looking at the Dish forum?