Sunday, September 1, 2013

Weekend Wonderings: Back to basics with glycerin and preservatives in anhydrous products

In this post on making a body butter, Tessa asks: Why is glycerin part of the water phase and not of the oil phase? What happens if I increase the percentage of glycerin? If I'm going to make castor oil and mineral oil, vitamin E and titanium dioxide part of the recipe, in which phase do I add it in?

Welcome to the blog! As I mention in this post, before you write to me, read this! (re-posted earlier today), I definitely recommend doing a search for an ingredient that interests you. There are quite a few posts on glycerin on this blog - it's one of my favourite humectants - and you'd see quickly that glycerin is a water soluble ingredient, not an oil soluble one, so it would go into the water soluble phase. We put heat tolerant water soluble ingredients in the heated water phase and heat tolerant oil soluble ingredients in the heated oil phase.

As for increasing glycerin, as I mention in quite a few posts on the water phase, when we increase an ingredient in a lotion, we reduce a similar percentage of the water amount. If you want to add 2% glycerin, remove 2% from the water phase. As for into what phase you should add those ingredients, may I suggest looking at the ingredients list (to your right) and clicking on the ones that interest you? Each one should say something about being soluble in oil or water and being heat tolerant or not.

It seems like you might be new to making products. Are you trying to make your own from scratch? If so, I'd like to suggest that you find a tried and true recipe - I have loads on this blog, which you can find via the search - and try that instead. Formulating one's first recipe can take a lot of time and knowledge of all the ingredients that you might want to use, and I don't suggest it for newbies! It's just too frustrating to come up with something that doesn't work. You'll feel like you've wasted your time, supplies, and money, and you might not want to make anything again. That'd be really sad as this is an amazing hobby, so I make this suggestion not to besmirch your abilities, but to point you in a direction that will offer far more fun and excitement! Find a great recipe and make that instead! I think the newbies section, albeit small, is a great place for you to start as all the questions you've asked are answered there!

I hope you're not using that titanium dioxide to make a sunscreen as we don't make our own! It's okay for other uses, though. 

In this post, lotion bars: tweaking the waxes, AZ asks: Do you need to add any preservative in it or is it just okay as it is? I reeeeeeellllly wanna make one but I always worry about it getting spoiled.

I'm so pleased to see you want to make sure you're making safe products! Yay! As I mention in this post, what you need to know about making any product (part 1), products that don't contain water don't need preservatives. If they might encounter water - for instance, if you have a scrub bar or scrub in a jar - they need preservatives.

If you're new to making products, I really can't suggest often enough that you check out the newbies section as almost everything I've seen asked in the last week of me by new bath and body creators is answered in there. I know it's a small section, but I think I've managed to address just about everything you want to know in that section or the frequently asked questions section. I'm not exaggerating when I say that every question from a newbie I've seen as an email or comment this week could be found in about 2 minutes by visiting that page! I don't usually have this much time to answer these kinds of questions, and you could be waiting quite some time to hear back from me about your pondering, so I can't stress enough how a search or a visit to either the FAQ or the newbies section can save you time and energy!

Join me tomorrow for more fun with gels and some interesting chemistry stuff!

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tessa mabanta said...

It took a while but I'd like to thank you susan for your blogs. I'm using your lotion, cream and butter recipe as guide . Though you suggested that as a newbie to veer away from experimenting,, I had to adjust the percentages in order to produce an outcome I like. Thank you once again!