Friday, July 5, 2013

Wilkommen Deutschland!

Wow! Visitors from Germany are officially number one on the blog right now! Wilkommen!

I love the German language and would love to learn more (but the class is on Thursday nights, and I have my youth group then!) "Ich denke das ich habe ein Shielkrutte in mein hosen. Konnst du mich helfen?"* I love German food - sauerbrauten is awesome! Two of my favourite bands, Blind Guardian and Helloween, are German, and I went to see the Scorpions when I was 14. (My husband is a fan of the University of Liepzig!)

*Yes, I know I just said I think I have a turtle in my pants! Please excuse my terrible German: I wanted to make you feel welcome! 


Lavarie - der Seifenblog said...

How lovely of you Susan! And yes, those bands are marvellous :-D

(I had to wrack my brain around this "Shielkrutte" [Schildkröte] until I read you meant a turtle *ggg*)

Heela said...

According to my husband, it is "Können sie mir helfen?" Isn't it amazing how soft sounding German is in comparison to how we Americans view it. When I read things in German my husband laughs and says I sound like a south German. Whatever that means.